10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Gates

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Gates

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Gates

Josh Gates might be known by those that are avid explorers or are simply enamored of the Discovery and Travel channels. He’s one of the top explorers in the world and has been able to travel around the globe in an attempt to do what he loves and to show other people the wonders that are still to be discovered. This kind of exploration used to be something that people would want to hear more about since it opens the mind to incredible vistas and the possibility that there is so much more to be seen and to experience in the world than our own backyard. Something seems to indicate that Josh has always been the type that was never fully satisfied with just one horizon, but has been doing his best to see beyond what he knows and discover what he doesn’t for a long time now.

Here are a few other things you might not have known about Josh.

10. Josh has been scuba-diving since he was 10.

The drive this man has is incredible since it would appear that he’s had it since he was very young and hasn’t given up on what he’s wanted to do for so long. In fact it’s apparent that he took his childhood years and managed to create something great in his adulthood as he continued to hone the skills he’d already gained and turned them into something positive that eventually became a career.

9. He married his Destination Truth costar in 2014.

One thing you can say about Josh and his wife is that they share a similar interest in exploring which no doubt helped them to bond and become much closer since the idea of marriage is that people usually share at least one thing or more in common. One has to wonder if their honeymoon was spent just relaxing or making their way into the wilderness on another expedition.

8. Josh has been to 100 countries in his travels.

A lot of us can count on one or two hands how many countries we’ve been to in our lives. Josh has been to so many countries that it’s easy to think that he’s seen cultures and practices that many of us know nothing about and might even be mystified by.

7. He’s also an experienced climber.

The guy can do just about anything it seems like since his time in the field has seen him climb mountains that many experienced climbers find daunting and diving into locations that many have never seen. This is a man that knows that he wants adventure and goes for it no matter how hard it seems.

6. Josh has written a book on his adventures.

This seems only natural since after all he’s done in his life at this point it would be kind of a shame if he didn’t jot down his experiences so that others could read and become inspired in some way. To think of all he’s seen and done is just amazing in itself.

5. He’s also explored areas in the role of a paranormal explorer.

Josh doesn’t go in for just what he can see, he’s been involved with ghost hunters as well in an attempt to see if there really is proof of life after death. While a lot of these shows have earned criticism and scorn there are still those that have managed to retain a shred of belief.

4. Josh has done the occasional voice-over role.

One thing he’s not doing is limiting his potential since he’s been all over the place and been able to participate in several ways when it comes to TV so as to further his career and help to make certain programs a little more entertaining.

3. He was inducted into The Explorer’s Club.

This club has existed for well over a century now and as you can probably guess it’s been devoted to the act of exploring the world in an attempt to keep people interested in discovering more about their surroundings and pushing forth the need for exploration.

2. He’s been a TV presenter for a while.

Along with the voice-over work this almost seems like something that Josh would do on his down-time since he seems to be on the go so often that remaining back in front of the camera doesn’t seem like it would be his cup of tea. But then again it could be that he wants people to know more about what he’s doing and what’s going on during a show and therefore is willing to kick back a bit and let things develop while he explains the situation.

1. There’s not a whole lot about his personal life on the internet.

Aside from a few things here and there Josh doesn’t have a lot of information about himself on the internet. The fact that he’s married and is a father are about the most personal things that have been put out there for people to see.

He’s on the go quite often it sounds like.

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