Jon Bernthal to Return as The Punisher in Eventual MCU Movie

Jon Bernthal to Return as The Punisher in Eventual MCU Movie

Jon Bernthal to Return as The Punisher in Eventual MCU Movie

While it’s not certain just when the Punisher will show back up, Matt Joseph of We Got This Covered is pretty certain that he’ll be making his way back to the MCU, possibly on the big screen this time where he might shine a little brighter than he did on the  TV show. Better than that though is that Jon Bernthal would be taking up the role again instead of Disney finding a new face to use for the iconic vigilante. If you can remember the faces we’ve seen taking on the role of the Punisher throughout the years then you might realize that Bernthal is probably one of the best if not THE best since he’s managed to latch onto the attitude and the overall persona of the Punisher better than anyone at this point. From Dolph Lundgren to Thomas Jane to Ray Stevenson, and even Norman Reedus for an animated role, the Punisher has been played by guys that are usually considered to be hard and foreboding in their manner, but until Bernthal it’s been tough to nail this character down. Frank Castle is a definite brooder and someone you don’t want to cross if it can be avoided, but he’s also one of the most dangerous individuals in the Marvel universe, or at least one of the most dangerous non-super-powered humans.

One great thing about the Punisher is that he’s not really concerned with saving lives all that often, as his name implies he’s out to deliver a great deal of pain and he doesn’t usually stop until he’s reached his objective or those in his path have put him down. As a hero, or an anti-hero to be more accurate, he’s got a mean streak a mile wide and no compunction about killing people that have done him wrong or that that have harmed others in a very big way. He’s had his enemies throughout the course of his time in the Marvel universe, and those enemies have included other heroes at some points as he’s tangled with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and even Wolverine on occasion. You can’t really say that he’s come out on top in such fights since like it or not he’s been outmatched in terms of raw strength and power, but Frank usually finds a way to even out the odds and make a comeback somehow. When dealing with individuals that are highly trained and have powers that can outclass a human though the amount of firepower he brings to the game can sometimes even things up.

It could be years before we get to see the Punisher on the big screen but it’s more than apparent that Thomas Jane wasn’t the fan favorite that a lot of people thought he would be. When Ray Stevenson was brought in for one movie however things only got worse. The idea of the Punisher is that he’s dark, brooding, and is an overall aggressive and very violent individual when it comes time for it. But for some reason those that have been given the role are still missing the point that Frank Castle doesn’t always go out looking for trouble, though he does pay attention and takes action when he feels it’s needed. The biggest difference between him and other heroes that hide their vigilante activities under a mask and a sense of justice is that he takes things a step further and add the title of ‘executioner’ to his resume, which irks a lot of heroes as their main goal is to see justice done and the bad guys brought in to be punished by the legal system. That could be why it’s kind of hard to think that he and Wolverine don’t get along all that well since the quick-healing mutant has been known in the past to dispense his own brand of justice as well.

A great idea for a Punisher movie, just an opinion, would be another movie mashup that brings a certain number of heroes together, since the Punisher has gotten on the bad side of a few different individuals. But given that he has combat experience and is a skilled tactician there are a lot of things he can do against super-powered individuals so long as he knows a little something about them. Plus the guy can think on the fly so it would be an easy thing to bring in a couple of heroes and possibly a couple of villains to make sure that things aren’t too easy. But bringing him back to the big screen would have to be an epic event if only because he’s one of the more controversial characters in the Marvel universe and kind of needs to be able to keep that edge in order to be truly effective. In other words, he would absolutely need an R rating.Dolph Lundgren

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