The Five Best Jon Bernthal Movies of His Career

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Jon Bernthal has been kind of a surprise in recent years, and a pleasant one since his career has taken off in a big way. He’s been around since the early 2000s, but since being cast as Shane on The Walking Dead his career really took off and kept climbing as he’s been seen in quite a few productions over the years now. He definitely seems to have fun playing the tough guy since that seems to be his main role in a lot of movies and TV shows, but he’s also shown a sensitive side at times that makes him seem a lot more human in these same roles. That being said though he’s definitely the guy you call if you need a thuggish type personality in a movie since he can pull it off without any trouble. The thing about his thug roles though is you can’t help but like them since for as hard as he gets he’s still very human in his portrayal and as a result ends up gaining a lot of support one way or another.

Here are the five best movies of his career.

5. Shot Caller

Shotgun is the kind of guy you might want by your side so long as his ideals are concurrent with your own, but when pressed he’s the kind of guy that will cut and run since his ideals are little more than smoke and mirrors to make certain that he stays alive. The sad thing about the prison system is that this seems to be the only way to survive at times, to take on ideals that aren’t your own and hide behind them in order to avoid being torn apart. His death in this movie is something that’s hard to feel sad about even though he dies trying to aid the police. The truth of it is that Shotgun is the type of character that acts like a thug but is in truth a rat with sharp teeth and nothing else.

4. Fury

As last stand movies go this one is quite intense since the small band of soldiers operating the tank known as Fury are all alone and outgunned when their tank tread suffers from encountering a land mine, thereby incapacitating the tank and leaving them stranded with no radio. Grady, the character played by Bernthal, is a largely uneducated individual that’s kind of a bully in a way but very simple in others. The whole movie does kind of boil down to this one tank being the path of the Germans and having to hold off as many as they can before their allies finally arrive. By the time their forces show up though all but one of the crew have been killed, but they’ve taken a great number of enemies with them.

3. Sicario

When he’s a bad guy he’s either cool as ice or just flat out despicable as he is in this movie. The back and forth of this movie is insane since you have to continually wonder just who’s trying to pull what on who as the men going after the cartel are just as ruthless and as bound to violate the laws in order to do their job as the cartel is to flout the law and do what they want. Ted though is one of the worst of the bunch as he seems to be someone that can be trusted, though in truth he’s ready to kill the one woman on the team because she’s been outed as law enforcement. Of course the fact that she was being used as bait is kind of despicable too,  but necessary apparently.

2. Baby Driver

Griff is kind of a hard character to wrap your head around at first since he’s a crook without a doubt, but he’s also not the worst of the bunch. He doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of respect for Baby, but once again, he’s not the worst of them. In fact he seems as though he might be kind of a hard guy to like but he also seem as though he might be the best among them since he’s all about getting the job done and then getting out. The others take things so personally that it’s hard to think that they were really there to have Baby’s back at any given moment, no matter that a couple at least spoke up for him.

1. Wolf of Wall Street

Brad’s that kind of guy you get to know and either don’t like at all or can at least get along with so long as you realize he doesn’t stand for a lot of emotional and nonsensical garbage that a lot of people just sweep under the rug. He’s all about business a lot of times but he’s not going to sugarcoat his feelings for anyone if he doesn’t like them. The mere fact that he and Donny didn’t get along in this movie is a testament to the fact that he’s the kind of guy you can either like or not, he’s not going to care either way.

Now if only another Punisher movie would come out and star Jon as the lead.

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