Jon Bernthal Starring in TV Reboot of American Gigolo on Showtime

Jon Bernthal Starring in TV Reboot of American Gigolo on Showtime

Jon Bernthal has definitely come a long way over the years since he’s been a big name on the small and big screen for a variety of projects. This latest one will see him bringing back a story that Richard Gere made popular in the 80s as he reprises the story of Julian Kaye roughly 18 years after being accused of murder. Showtime has picked up the series for 10 episodes and already people are praising the idea since Bernthal has been making a big impression for years now since his time in The Walking Dead and movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street. To say that he’s been impressing people would be something of an understatement, especially given that he’s been one of the more popular actors around for a while. It does feel as though he isn’t quite as showy as many other actors, meaning that he doesn’t push himself on people and he definitely doesn’t make a big ruckus everywhere he goes. But his fame is there all the same since people can’t help but be impressed by just about everything he does these days.

His time as a male gigolo might be interesting since it’s a role that we haven’t seen him in yet since he’s mostly played a hardened character or someone that is usually embroiled in one type of conflict or another. With all honesty it can be said that his character will be facing his own conflict since trying to adjust to being a gigolo in the current era is bound to be a little difficult since a lot of things have changed since the 80s and it’s fair to say that the profession isn’t what it used to be. Some might even think that the role of a gigolo is pretty much dead and gone, but the truth is that the profession is still there, but it’s definitely changed a bit since back in the day and it’s not exactly something that many parents would want to see their child aspire to be. But apparently, it pays quite well if one can luck out and find the right individual that wants them, though the lifestyle is one that has to be kept up and it’s not exactly something that a person can just fall into.

The idea of an aging male gigolo trying to find work either because he doesn’t have any other skills or he hasn’t kept up with any other skills would be kind of tragic in a way since it would mean that while some people might pay for his services, it’s likely that his job would become much harder simply because there would be many talented younger men that might want to take his role at the top. Nearly two decades after the original story though, one would imagine that Julian’s reputation took a pretty big hit and that might spoil any business that he could find, or at least make it that much harder. Ten episodes might be enough to kickstart a season or perhaps serve as a limited series, depending on what the overall plan is. It’s easy to think that some might want to see this push forward into multiple seasons if it can, but until it’s revealed just how things are going to turn out it might be best to think that this could be a limited series.

There’s no doubt that Bernthal will make the role work since he’s been great throughout his other roles as well. Many people still want to see him come back to the MCU as the Punisher since he exemplified the role in a way that a lot of fans were happy to see. But given the fact that he’s in demand at this point, it’s kind of easy to wonder what’s going to happen with each passing day and if he’ll be able to make his way back to that role eventually. As of now the role of Julian is another one that a lot of fans are wanting to see develop, and it’s bound to happen that Jon will give them what they want to see.

If there’s one thing that sells without fail most times its sex, and bringing back American Gigolo is bound to be something that will attract a good number of viewers not only because it’s Jon Bernthal taking the lead role, but because the content is bound to keep people interested. Folks can be as uptight or as loose as they want about the subject, it’s going to sell all the same since even the tight-lipped and prudish individuals tend to be those who will look even if they want to claim that they don’t enjoy it. Being that it’s on Showtime those individuals might want to remind themselves that the story is bound to be enjoyable if they just allow themselves to relax.

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