Donald Trump Awkwardly Refuses Handshake With German Chancellor Angela Merkel

This has got to be the most preposterous thing that has happened all day. There is simply no explanation for this whatsoever. My theory? And I don’t think I’m far off AT ALL here. Trump just didn’t find this woman attractive enough to shake her hand. Honestly what other excuse can you possibly give? For those who don’t know what happened….

During his first meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President Trump appeared to ignore requests from the media for the two leaders to shake hands. At one point, Merkel turns to Trump and says, “they want to have a handshake,” but gets no response from Trump.

Not only was this absurd but it was incredibly awkward. I mean Merkel was literally saying “they want a handshake” after the media was trying to get the two to shake hands. Merkel has been preparing for this trip since January. She’s been dissecting all of Trump’s speeches, statements, interviews, everything. Merkel is not someone known for being unprepared.

And to get this kind of shake off is simply unacceptable. Not that any of us should be surprised by Trump never ceases to do something at least once a day that leaves all of us speechless. There are no words. None.

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