Finn Jones Wants Another Chance at Iron Fist

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Finn Jones wants another shot at being Iron Fist, but it’s kind of hard to know how to feel about this. As one of the Marvel shows brought to life by Netflix, Iron Fist did have a lot of promise. Unfortunately, the first season of the show didn’t deliver on that promise. 

As a hero, Finn’s version of Iron Fist didn’t come off in the manner that people wanted to see. This is, after all, a character that is heavily steeped in martial arts and isn’t known for levity. But what Finn and the crew delivered felt a little too humorous for many people. 

The desire to make a comeback isn’t hard to understand. Finn is no doubt aware that Daredevil is coming back and that many fans have called for the return of the Punisher and other characters. Whether the MCU feels that Finn’s version of Iron Fist is worth the effort or not will be the deciding factor. 

The power of the Iron Fist has changed hands in the comics, so this might change things. Remaking this character might not satisfy fans or Finn, but it depends on what the MCU wants. Iron Fist is a great character, but as of now, his reputation is not the best.

credit: Iron Fist

If Iron Fist comes back, it might be wise to ditch the origin story 

This is a growing trend that has helped various characters. The origin story can drag a story down as it requires a certain amount of time and exposition. The origin story isn’t always necessary to tell the story.

If Finn Jones wants to portray this character again, he might need to embrace the character before stepping on screen. The desire to prove that he can make this character interesting is great. But now Finn needs to prove that he can embody the character that people want to see. 

It might be a good idea to bring Finn Jones back and use him as a mentor to the new Iron Fist. This could create a need for an origin story, albeit a brief one. The passing of the torch moment sounds like a great idea as a transition to Phase 5. 

This character could be introduced in another series or movie 

It stands to reason that if Finn Jone gets his wish, Iron Fist could show up in a Disney+ series or an MCU movie. This introduction to the MCU would allow Iron Fist to return to the world in a manner that’s far more acceptable to the fans. Given the history of Iron Fist in the comics, this character could show up in more than one movie or show in an effective and decisive manner that would introduce him to the MCU in a way that would allow fans to embrace the idea. 

How the MCU introduces this character will go a long way to whether fans accept him or not. If Finn Jones is still the man for the role, then it feels as though he might need to re-evaluate the role of Danny Rand. Fans weren’t too pleased with the Netflix show for many reasons, though one among them was a bit ridiculous.  

One thing to remember is that Iron Fist is a superhero, not a white savior. 

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Finn Jones needs to convince those in charge that he’s worth banking on

This is the biggest sticking point that exists when talking about Finn Jones and his ability to take back the role of Iron Fist. Trying to convince those who are attempting to push the MCU forward is not easy. Fans have already reacted, and his track record is positive enough to give him a second chance. Finn has a serious uphill battle to fight if he wants this character back. 

Should he get another chance? That’s tough to say, in all honesty, since unless he can recreate this character, the answer is no. Instead of being a spoiled rich kid seeking to regain his fortune, Danny Rand should come off as someone who is seeking justice. That’s a general idea, anyway. 

Finn Jones isn’t the worst choice for an Iron Fist reboot, but there are others who could pull this off. 

Iron Fist could be beneficial for Phases 5 and 6

As another street-level hero, Iron Fist would add another worthwhile voice to the MCU. Not only that, but his story does come with other individuals that could benefit the MCU as well. Fans are no doubt ready to accept this character, but it’s up to those in charge to make the final call. 

Finn Jones is ready and willing to step back into the role, but his motivation could use a little work. Instead of needing to prove others wrong, it’s better to think that he should accept that the initial show was a flop and that he can do better. With that in mind, Iron Fist could easily rise again. 

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