Charlie Cox’s Place in the MCU Could Hinge on the Success of Daredevil: Born Again

Charlie Cox’s Place in the MCU Could Hinge on the Success of Daredevil: Born Again
Daredevil: Born Again MCU.

credit: She-Hulk

It might not be all or nothing for Charlie Cox just yet. However, there is a feeling that he might be kind of uncertain if Daredevil: Born Again doesn’t enjoy the same success as the Netflix series experienced in recent years. It does feel a little disheartening to hear that his MCU career might hit the rocks if this show doesn’t perform, especially given the fact that fans have wanted to see this character make his way to the MCU for some time now. There has been progress on this front since Cox showed up in Spider-Man: No Way Home as legal counsel for Peter Parker, and he recently showed up in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, fully decked out, this time in his yellow and red suit. Many people don’t want to give She-Hulk too many kudos since the general feeling is that the show went way beyond its boundaries without building up the reputation it could have used to bolster the first season. But Daredevil is, without any doubt, a show that many have been trying to tell the MCU that they want. Unfortunately, this means that the upcoming show does need to have a certain something that will be able to reach the fans on the same level that the Netflix show did. That might be asking a lot. 

Charlie Cox’s Place in the MCU Could Hinge on the Success of Daredevil: Born Again

credit: Daredevil

Various characters should help to bolster the show. 

Daredevil can stand on his own two feet, as it’s been seen in the past, but within the MCU, there are many characters that the devil of Hell’s Kitchen has interacted with and has been seen to team up with from time to time. Establishing his own show should be the priority, and it’s a hope that the origin story will no longer be needed. It’s likely that many are concerned about the likelihood that Disney will impose certain limits on the character and the show, but with the thought that Deadpool will eventually be a part of the franchise, as well as Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men, it’s very easy to think that the Mouse House will loosen the reins a little and let the show progress as it needs to. This could mean bringing in various characters that will help move things along, or it could mean allowing Daredevil to deal with his own enemies for a bit. Whatever course is decided upon feels as though it will be welcomed by the fans. 

The Punisher is coming to the MCU as well, so this could be interesting. 

In the comics and in live-action, Daredevil and the Punisher have been at odds on a fairly regular basis as their ideologies are like day and night. But seeing them lock horns, so to speak, in the MCU feels like it could be a great idea. It might create the need for another hero to intervene or a villain to take advantage. Thankfully, there are plenty of villains in the MCU at this point that operates at street level and could be used to help the Daredevil series take off in a big way. It’s already been seen that the Kingpin is a part of the MCU, that Echo is coming, and that several others could be used to make this series work. 

Charlie Cox’s Place in the MCU Could Hinge on the Success of Daredevil: Born Again

credit: Daredevil

Given the scope of the MCU, it feels as though Daredevil should be in good company. 

The man without fear is going to be joining an ever-expanding universe that is being brought together one show and one movie at a time, and as such, it feels that it might be harder for some individuals to stand out regularly. Daredevil doesn’t sound like a character that will have an issue when it comes to standing out. In fact, given how long people have had to wait for him to return, it does sound as though fans might be willing to forgive a few errors here and there if they do occur. The initial season will need to be impressive enough to warrant a second, but again, fans are ready to see Daredevil back in the MCU, and unless something goes extremely wrong, it feels as though this show will have a chance to be one of the best in the MCU stable. 

It’s easy to wonder how many cameos will appear in the Born Again series. 

Too many cameos would be a serious mistake since trying to welcome Daredevil into the MCU is a big enough deal, and it doesn’t need to be overloaded by big names that have already been established. But it would be fun to see at least a few cameos show up during the first season since it could be a great way to thread this movie into the fabric of the MCU. Anything else feels like so many details at this point. 

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