Bad Sisters Season 2

Bad Sisters Season 2
Bad Sisters Season 2 Apple

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Following the trend of popular series and movies, such as Knives Out, Only Murders in the Building, The Afterparty, and even the Adam Sandler comedy Murder Mystery, as well as adaptations, Apple released the incredibly interesting Bad Sisters, a murder mystery with a new approach. With any show that piques the interest of its viewers, even when based on other work, those same fans want more of such a show, although it may exceed the original work it’s based on. Below, we’ve detailed the Apple TV series Bad Sisters, season 2 possibilities, the original work it was based on, and other information about the series and its possible future.

Bad Sisters Apple TV

Credit: Bad Sisters/Apple

Bad Sisters Apple TV Series

Bad Sisters, inspired by an original work we’ve detailed below and the likeliness for season 2, was a high and surprising visual experience in terms of detail for viewers trying to figure out the series’ mysteries as the show expanded. Any show that falls under the genres that make up the overall murder mystery movie or series has fans trying to figure out the mysteries it holds for themselves. Still, Bad Sisters was hard to follow in a truly unique way. The show wasn’t complicated, although that may be what has been implied. It was more of a constantly evolving mystery in which we were not only guessing the killer but also the circumstances of the death and the consequences beyond that. Overall, Bad Sisters follows a group of sisters in Ireland that are close enough to kill the husband of the other for them to live a more free life, free of abuse. While we ultimately knew that the series would follow the death of John Paul, the husband of one of the sisters, Grace was unaware of this plot that existed throughout the show of her sisters and their attempt to kill her husband. The series jumped around to show each of the sisters and their attempts at individually taking charge to lead the attack of John Paul, but the comedy aspect started to come into place with each attempt. However, the drama aspect of the series never left, and each episode, while laughing, also had viewers gasping and awaiting more insight per second of viewing, so those behind the series should have expected hopes for Bad Sisters season 2.

Bad Sisters cast

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Bad Sisters Original Work

Bad Sisters, while new in the title and seemingly in content, was based on another series from Belgium called Clan, which featured a similar plot of sisters becoming closer after the death of their parents and then concluding by setting their trapped sister free from their relationship with her husband that the sisters refer to as “De Kloot” similar to in Bad Sisters in which they refer to JP as “The Prick.” Bad Sisters was a series based in Ireland, while the series Clan was featured in Belgium. Still, with the more universally English language in Ireland and home on Apple TV, Bad Sisters already had a much broader worldwide audience. Both series were limited to one season, but with the era of begging continuations from fans, with season 2, Bad Sisters could easily get a continuation where Clan did not.

Apple TV Irish series

Credit: Bad Sisters/Apple

Bad Sisters Season 2 Likelihood

While Clan was popular enough to have gotten an Irish adaptation on Apple TV, it never got a season 3, likely because the story was told and completed within its ten episodes, the same as Bad Sisters. However, that’s never the end, especially with the internal investigations also portrayed throughout Bad Sisters by the half-brother insurance agents in search of the killer of the five sisters portrayed in Bad Sisters. Any story can be added to or extended with enough effort. However, that doesn’t add the necessary dynamics or heart to create something as beloved as the original or the introductory content. Likely nobody in the region that Bad Sisters became most popular in had even heard of Clan, especially with its 2012 run compared to Bad Sisters‘ 2022 run. Overall, right now, murder mysteries, especially with any comedy sown into them, are extremely popular, so Apple TV may be able to cash in on the success the show has already had. Still, the creator and lead actress from the series, Sharon Horgan, has stated that there’s no Bad Sisters season 2 being talked about, but the likelihood always remains. More so, the original creator of Clan, the inspiration for Bad Sisters, joined Bad Sisters as an executive producer to make the show unique compared to her original series. While Bad Sisters season 2 has yet to be confirmed, Sharon Horgan has signed a deal with Apple TV to release content exclusively for them, so what her future projects could look like remains unknown. Still, fans remain hopeful that we get more of the Garvey sisters could appear as part of that deal with Bad Sisters season 2.

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