“John Wick” Director Chad Stahelski Set To Helm The Supernatural Vigilante Film “Sandman Slim”

“John Wick” Director Chad Stahelski Set To Helm The Supernatural Vigilante Film “Sandman Slim”

Sandman Slim is a series of books that started up in 2009 but has since continued releasing new installments on a regular basis. Furthermore, it is the nickname of the main character James Stark, who is a nephil who wound up in Hell because of being betrayed by his friends. As a result, after he manages to escape Hell after spending 11 years as a gladiator, he is very much interested in getting revenge on those who wronged him. Unfortunately, his revenge plans are complicated by the fact that both Heaven and Hell have an interest in what happens next. Summed up, Sandman Slim is exactly the sort of source material that could make for something fun to watch when translated to the screen, which explains why there is a Sandman Slim movie on its way.

Who Has Been Chosen to Make the Sandman Slim Movie?

With that said, a lot of people might be more excited by the fact that Chad Stahelski is the one who has been chosen to make the Sandman Slim movie. Some people might recognize Stahelski because of his role as a stuntman who has worked on a number of action movies over the course of his career, with an excellent example being his involvement with The Crow. However, most people will recognize him because of his role in co-directing John Wick as well as its follow-up John Wick: Chapter 2 along with David Leitch, which was a natural outgrowth of the two’s co-founding of 87Eleven. Summed up, it is no exaggeration to say that Stahelski brings a huge amount of the right expertise and experience when it comes to the making of the Sandman Slim movie, which in turn, means that it is not unreasonable to think that the result could prove to be interesting.

However, it should be mentioned that the Sandman Slim movie won’t be coming out for sometime. In fact, Stahelski won’t be able to get to it until he has completed making John Wick: Chapter 3 with David Leitch, which won’t happen until the movie is released sometime in 2019. This is wholly unsurprising because Stahelski’s talents are much in demand at the moment, as shown by the slew of projects that he has lined up. For example, he is involved with an upcoming movie called Triple Threat, which will be featuring a team of mercenaries seeking to protect a billionaire’s daughter from a hit that has been placed upon her. Furthermore, Stahelski has committed to adapting a comic book series called Kill or Be Killed, which is centered around a depressed grad student named Dylan who is saved from a suicide attempt by a demon, who requires him to kill one person a month in exchange for the right to continue living. As a result, Dylan becomes a vigilante killer who goes after criminals who he considers to be acceptable targets. Finally, it should be mentioned that Stahelski has signed on to direct a new trilogy of Highlander movies, which have received a fair amount of attention because they are promising to conclude with the much-anticipated “Gathering.” Summed up, Stahelski has his hands full with projects, which makes it no wonder that the Sandman Slim movie won’t be hitting the screen anytime soon.

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