It Looks Like Scream 5 is Officially Happening

It’s possible to be called a little salty when asking why in the hell Scream 5 is even a possibility, but as it stands in today’s society safe and predictable horror appears to be what’s most desire on the menu. If anyone is thinking that, despite the financial success of the Scream movies, that this was cutting edge horror after the first entry, then they’ve definitely fallen into the rut and been told that they’re a fan of a truly great trend. The fact that Ryan Scott of MovieWeb, along with many others, including myself, are reporting on this is enough to think that it’s going to be made into a big deal again since the idea appears to be that a woman will come to town in order to discover the truth behind several murders that occurred in her hometown years ago. It’s already being wondered if this means that the movie is going to be taken along the same route that has been seen with the Halloween and Terminator franchises, basically acting as though the sequels didn’t happen so that the narrative can be written again in order to come up with a new direction for the story. Already it sounds as though several of the original cast members would like to come back, though if we get any of those that were killed in any of the sequels it might feel like a big middle finger to those that have been watching the movies since they started.

Admittedly it is intriguing to think of what might happen if the story is allowed to follow a different direction that might unveil yet another secret that the survivors of the initial massacre didn’t know about. After all there was a lot of focus placed on Maureen Prescott’s affair with Billy’s father, but perhaps he wasn’t the only one in town that would have something against her. It’s hard to say what might happen that could advance the story without coming up with more predictable scares in order to keep people interested and continue the terror in a manner that will help Scream to stay alive. It’s a bit obvious that the TV show wasn’t doing nearly as well as the movies, but given how the fourth movie went it’s still hard to determine just why it was a box office success. It could have something to do with the fact that Wes Craven was still at the helm, which could also be something to watch for considering that Craven passed away several years ago. The effort to follow his formula and keep the movies just as enticing for the fans is bound to be noticed by many, and the changes will likely be something that people will comment about upon the release of the movie. Britt Hayes of Birth Movies Death has more to say on the subject of the movie.

As to who might be taking up the Ghostface costume it’s anyone’s guess at this point since there have been a number of people that have donned the look over the years. There were Billy and Stu, who made up a team that was destined to fail since Billy was psychotic and Stu was just along for the ride and couldn’t handle the situation when it went spiraling out of his control. Then came Billy’s mother and Mickey, another team destined to fail since Mrs. Loomis had no intention of following through with Mickey’s plan to ‘blame the movies’ and yet somehow didn’t pull the trigger when she should have, like so many movie villains. Then came the third movie in which Sidney discovered that she had a half-brother, Roman Bridger, who had been abandoned by their mother as she’d claimed that he was a part of different life. Even Roman, for all his planning and plotting, didn’t know better than to use too much exposition when going into the why of his plan. It’s amazing that people in horror movies are made this dumb, but then again it’s better that they are since obviously without this element we wouldn’t have much of a movie. In the fourth movie though the law of the remake comes into play and Sidney has to worry about the murderous designs of her own cousin as Jill nearly kills her and then tries to finish her off at the hospital, only to be killed in turn. One has to think that Sidney might need to just find a nice secluded spot where she can be alone after all this and cut all ties whatsoever.

That being said, Scream 5 is enough to make a lot of people groan but keep enough people happy at the same time since a good number of folks will go to see this for the novelty of it and little else. All we can say is to each their own and hope that it won’t travel down the same predictable road as it’s done three times before.

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