John Oliver Appeared to Be the Only One to Go After Harvey Weinstein

John Oliver Appeared to Be the Only One to Go After Harvey Weinstein

For some reason a lot of talk show hosts haven’t chosen to go after Harvey Weinstein after the allegations that he’s been guilty of sexual harassment and possible misconduct. It might have happened decades before but as women are speaking up now it seems that Weinstein is finally being brought to task for what he’s done. The biggest question however is why John Oliver is the only one that’s going after Weinstein in this manner? All the other talk show hosts don’t seem all that shy about teeing off on high profile personalities that often, but Oliver seems to be, at this point, the only one with the stones to actually get the word out.

Why is this? Because John Oliver has a big mouth. And thankfully, he knows how to run it when he has something to say and when there is actually something TO be said. As in he’s going to roast Harvey Weinstein without mercy in an attempt to showcase just what the man is all about and how his actions and his words are effective as tools to use against him.

Honestly the fact that Weinstein and his lawyers are rallying about trying to keep things as quiet as possible is a good reason to suspect that everything that’s been said so far is the unvarnished truth. While Ashley Judd has been less than a stellar personality in the recent past it’s a little too easy to believe after everything else that Weinstein was inappropriate to her as well as she claims. It’s bad enough to have claimed that things were different back in the day and that’s why he did the things he did, but attempting to use that excuse now is just as bad it would have been back then.

You want to know the real difference between back then and now? Men in positions of power were allowed to get away with almost anything back in those days since they could ruin the career and the lives of those that didn’t go along with what they wanted when they wanted it. No one stepped up to stop them and assert any control over the goings on that helped to damage and possibly ruin so many people. If women wanted a chance to get ahead back in the 60’s and 70’s, particularly in the film industry, they still had to play ball and go along with almost anything that male producers wanted.

That’s not the way things are now.

Since women have become increasingly empowered in many industries it’s been seen that allegations and accusations for past wrongs have been coming out of the woodwork. It’s a definite push forward for more equality and more justice, but at this point the accusations aren’t carrying the weight they would have had they been reported much sooner. Of course back then a lot of those accusations would have been either ignored or buried it seems so the fact that they’re coming out now is about as good as it can get. If nothing else they’re exposing Weinstein for the person he once was and possibly still could be.

Go get him John Oliver.


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