John Cena and Nikki Bella Split After 6 Years Together

The couple that wrestles together stays together–said no one ever. And as hopeful as we could ever be about celebrity love, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. There aren’t many wrestler couples that we could honestly say we looked up to. There were the McMahon couples, but they were just too much to watch at times. There’s The Undertaker and Michelle McCool, but he was too old and she was too pretty. We were all ready to accept the fact that wrestlers just aren’t good matches for each other, at least until John Cena and Nikki Bella happened.

No other celebrity wrestling couples could have been as perfect for each other as John and Nikki were. They are both almost in the same age bracket with John being 40 and Nikki being 34. They are both successful in their own professional wrestling careers. They are both good-looking people, which made them look really good together. However, love is more than looks and as John said in an interview, “It takes a lot of work.”

The couple got together 6 years ago, and seeing them on screen was electric. The chemistry was there from the get go, and we all knew it was going to lead somewhere. John finally proposed to Nikki just last year after having been together for five years already. He did it in front of their wrestling world, just after a tag team match at WrestleMania 33. The engagement was a nice moment then for the couple and their fans; surely, no one could’ve predicted that it was going to end before the wedding could even happen.

The couple announced the breakup through Nikki’s Instagram account, stating that the couple has made the difficult decision to separate. They say the love and respect is still there, and we believe them. It wasn’t too long ago when the couple appeared at a red carpet event, and nothing seemed the matter then. No one could really know what happened at this point, but we’ve been seeing signs of trouble for a few months now.

In an interview a few months back, John made comments about his relationship with Nikki and how they have grown into a different place now compared to what they had before. It seems there must have been a lot of growing up the couple had to do, considering that at one point, John had asked Nikki to sign a contract before she could’ve even moved in with him. John says they are far from where they were, but maybe they just didn’t go further enough.

For now, we’ll wait to hear for more information about the couple’s break up. We’ve been seeing John do a lot of films in the last few years, and he’s actually got one coming up called Blockers. As for Nikki, we’ll see her on the ring still but with a ring on her finger no longer. We’re still hopeful for the two believe it or not; we think they might just need to take in a few tag team matches to see how well they really work together.

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