John Cena Answers Wrestling Questions From Twitter

John Cena answering wrestling questions from Twitter is certainly a different experience than one might think. It’s not as dynamic as the man himself and quite honestly is a lot more low key than he usually seems to be. But his answers for most of the questions are pretty accurate. Seeing as how he’s been in the business for going on twenty years if he hasn’t already he’s got a very good idea of what the wrestling world is like. He’s seen people come and go and he’s been able to outlast several of them in his time. But he’s also gained a lot of wisdom in his time as well.

For instance, he knows that being hit with a steel chair is not the most fun thing in the world. The idea that they get hit and don’t get hurt is kind of ridiculous since even if they’re prop chairs, getting hit still hurts. Plus, even with being trained and having hours upon hours of practice put into the the techniques and methods that a wrestler must learn the propensity for accidents is still very high. The men and women in the WWE are going at each other full speed and no matter if they’re trained some things are going to happen. Take for instance the time in the recent past when Cena had his nose broken by an errant knee from Seth Rollins. The move was supposed to put him down as usual but the mistimed strike actually broke Cena’s nose and put him out for a couple of nights if not longer. Plus if you watch the wrestlers going after each other with kendo sticks and chairs and tables and so on and so forth you might think that some of the props are easily broken or don’t offer much in the way of danger.

You’d be right on some accounts, but the markings left on their bodies indicate that some of the items are very real and are quite capable of leaving a lasting mark on their skin. They might be tough but there are limits to what any human body can take. Also, the reality vs. the myth of wrestling is that things are not always as good or bad as they seem between those that are in the business. Many times it seems that Vince McMahon is firmly against one superstar or another, but the truth is that while he might be a shrewd and sometimes even arrogant businessman, he knows how to take care of his talent most times, even if it is the top-tier individuals that get the most attention and the most exposure. It’s true that the business isn’t really fair and that those that can pull in a crowd are allowed a lot more leeway, but it’s all business, no matter if it seems right or wrong. Those that get on Vince’s good side tend to remain there so long as they remember that the hand that’s feeding them is also capable of becoming a fist that can break their career to pieces.

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