10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jocelyn Chew

Jocelyn Chew is a model who was born and raised in Canada. She’s become famous not just for her looks, but also for her talent with the makeup brush. She has a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers, she has an Instagram page with a lot of followers, and she’s got an agent working with her to book her gigs and to help her make the most of her career. Unfortunately, she’s someone we still don’t know that much about just yet. Because we don’t know much about her, we thought we might try to get to know her a bit more. We’ve discovered a few fun facts you just didn’t know about her yet.

1. She’s Into Health Issues

If you take a look at her Twitter page, you can see that she finds health issues important. She frequently retweets them, shares stories, and she is always commenting on things that are important to her. She’s in the know about the coronavirus, she’s keeping her fans abreast if they are not paying attention, and she’s got some serious knowledge about it. She’s a woman with a brain, and she is not afraid to use it.

2. She Has Not Tolerance for Cruelty

If there is one thing that she’s not cool with, it’s people who are cruel. Bullies are less than nothing to her, and she will not deal with hearing people bully others. Cruelty is not something that works for her, and she’s not afraid to let the mean girls and the mean guys know she’s not down with your behavior. We side with her on this one. Kindness is free — and it makes you feel a lot better about yourself than being a bully ever will.

3. She Doesn’t Deal with Rude People

Slightly off topic from bullies are the rude and those without character. She’s also not a fan of those people, and we once again feel her in every manner of speaking. Kindness will always attract more people than anger, rage, hate, and rudeness. Just be nice. It’s not that hard.

4. She’s Got Quotes

We love to scroll through her social media and see her fun and insightful quotes. If she feels it, she’s sharing it, and we like that. Jocelyn Chew is not just a pretty face who hides her intelligence because it’s easier or it’s expected. She’s not afraid to share what’s on her mind, and those things often include sharing quotes that are simple yet poignant. “You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you,” and “Vision without execution is hallucination,” and so much more. Simple, but eloquent.

5. She Had Other Career Goals

If she didn’t land work in the modeling industry, it turns out she would have gone into an entirely different line of work; with animals. It turns out, her other career goals are both related to working with living creatures. She would have become a veterinarian or a marine biologist had modeling not worked out for her.

6. She Gets Bored Easily

Her job keeps her pretty busy, but she likes to spend as much of her time traveling as she can. She says she’s easily bored and doesn’t do well when she has too much down time, so she prefers to spend her off time on the road traveling with friends and family. It’s how she enjoys her life, on the go, busy, and making memories through experiences rather than idle time. She also loves to experience new cultures, which is something you must love if you love to travel.

7. She Was Rumored to be Diddy’s Girlfriend

There’s not a lot of information on this one, but there’s substantial speculation. It seems that when Diddy’s 10-year romance with Cassie ended, it was because he was spending some serious downtime with Jocelyn Chew. There was never a public affirmation of this, and there was never really a big deal made about it other than that this was not the firs time the long-time couple broke up because Diddy was involved with another woman on the side. We don’t know, though, if this is true, how much of it might be true, and if he was even involved when he met Jocelyn.

8. She’s Independent

She’s been described as a woman who has some serious independence about her. She’s not all that into being tied down, she’s not in need of anyone to make her feel whole or together. She is fiercely all about being able to take care of herself, and that’s how she likes to live her life.

9. She Wasn’t Worried about Shade

In late 2018 when she was rumored to be dating Diddy not long after his split from his longtime girlfriend, there were some seriously shady messages from Cassie to the new girlfriend on the internet. The press went wild with speculation, but her close friends and those who love her were quick to point out that Jocelyn wasn’t bothered by it at all. The past is the past, and that’s not where she likes to hang out. If there was shade being thrown at her from the ex, she wasn’t letting it get to her at all.

10. She’s Calm and Cool

Jocelyn is not the reactive type. When she’s approached by the press, she likes to ignore them like they aren’t even there. She’s good at it, too. She’s been known to walk right past them and ignore them with a casual expression on her face as she gets into her car and handles the situation with serious grace. It’s like they aren’t even there, and we love that about her personality. She’s able to shut them down without saying a word and without making any kind of scene. She’s there, and they are not. To us, that is one of the most elegant ways to handle a situation in which someone is working hard to make you uncomfortable and to make you trip.

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