10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Coffee

Jason Coffee

The Coffee family, and Jason Coffee, in particular, are a considerable part of the internet and smartphone-based entertainment trend. These days people have more options than when some of us were younger. If you don’t have cable TV, or Netflix, or even a television set new enough to pick up local channels, then you still probably have a smartphone or computer that connects to the internet. Social media stars like Jason Coffee have found their niche in the bustling online universe by providing people with snippets of life, comedy, skits, and more. Since we’ve been enjoying Tik Toc so much lately, we decided to look into one of our favorite stars and find ten things you didn’t know about Jason Coffee.

1. Like So Many

Jason Coffee started his social media stardom on Vine. Before there was Tik Tok, the only place to go for short videos was either Vine or YouTube. We loved them both, but the big difference is that, while anyone can post an hour-long video on YouTube, Vine offerings were always about the length of a commercial. It was an excellent way for anyone to slide in some quick entertainment wherever they were without getting into a long involved vid. Jason Coffee’s self-titled Vine account detailed the humor of his day-to-day life with the Coffee family, and people loved it.

2. All Over

Jason and his adorably humorous family aren’t just Tik Tok stars. They also have a YouTube channel and various social media presences like Instagram and Twitter. If you’ve ever gotten stuck and found yourself losing hours just checking email or social correspondences on one site, then you understand how hard a social media influencer like Jason Coffee has to work to keep up on multiple platforms all day, every day. It’s a job and a half to make videos, edit, post, and then interact with fans as well.

3. The Family That Plays Together

Everyone in Jason’s family gets in on the act. His kids and wife help with making silly family videos. While Jason is the original star, everyone gets credit and participates. When it comes to family dynamic and bonding time, the Coffee’s undoubtedly know how to keep it all in the family. Watching them have such a good time together is the appeal behind the videos, and fans adore this sweet family for sharing their sense of humor and their lives with us.

4. Mum’s (Not) the Word

What about the rest of Jason Coffee’s family? Does he have siblings? What about living parents or even some cousins somewhere? The answer is that you already know as much as we do. While Coffee and his immediate family are all over the internet, they don’t talk about anyone else they might be related to. Preserving the anonymity of your relatives can be hard in the digital age, but keeping quiet on the topic is the right place to start.

5. Aloha

According to Idolwiki, Jason and his family live somewhere in Hawaii. They bought a house there in 2013, and there’s no indication that they’ve moved. Then again, who’d want to leave a tropical paradise anyhow? When it comes to living their best life, the Coffees have it down to a science. If we had millions of followers, we’d move to Hawaii, too, despite the incredibly high cost of living there. We’re not sure, but it’s a safe bet that they spend plenty of their downtime on the beach.

6. Decaf

Jason’s real last name is not Coffee. He chose the pseudonym because he’s a lover of the dark brown brewed beans. We can’t blame him for that. After all, most of the world drinks coffee. Millions of pounds of caffeinated beans are sold annually, and people in every country enjoy a cup of Joe. In short, it’s a very relatable name, and a great choice for anyone who needs their java to start the day, which is most of us.

7. Before He Was Famous

When Jason began making his silly videos, he was just an average Joe. In fact, he worked at Starbucks. That’s certainly not the sort of salary you need to purchase a home in Hawaii. Luckily, his brand of family-friendly, adorable humor caught on like wildfire, and his career as an internet sensation took off. Before Vine closed down, he had nearly a million followers there. From barista to social media influencer is a big step, but one anyone can make if they have sufficient talent and can entertain enough people in a relatable manner.

8. How Much Does a Social Media Influencer Make?

What’s Jasons’ net worth? That’s a very good question. Unfortunately, it’s one we have no answer for. While some social media personalities are easy enough to estimate, Jason isn’t one of those. He keeps his personal finances under wraps, so we’ll have to go with… a lot. Living in Hawaii and raising three kids isn’t cheap.

9. Stats

While we can’t provide you much info about his life before internet fame, Jason Coffee was born on August 12th, 1980. He’s originally from Sacramento, California. His zodiac sign is Leo, and his outgoing personality indeed runs true to his ‘sign’ in that way. He bills himself as a Christian, though we don’t know what particular denomination. Beyond that, there’s no information to be had.

10. Healthy Living

At six foot four, Jason Coffee is a very tall guy. Perhaps not quite NBA-tall, but he’s well above average. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and getting outdoors with his three kids and wife, Chassy. You’ll see lots of videos and posts of them dancing, going on outings, and spending time at the pool. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is important to the Coffee family. As influencers go, Jason and company are doing it right.

Final Thoughts

Most social media stars seem to be ready to spill every detail and whatever they’re thinking all the time. Jason Coffe isn’t ‘like that.’ He may be famous for sharing his life with the world, but he manages to keep his private details out of the public eye. Somehow Jason has hit on the ideal work-life balance by making his life into his work without giving up all of his privacy. We admire that a great deal. Do you know any fun Jason Coffee facts? Share them with us in the comments below.

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