Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 12 Review: “Chapter Twelve”

Jane the Virgin

In last night’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane is extremely excited to be getting the chance be a writer. That excitement is short-lived when she realizes she has been tasked with writing the death of her father’s character. Jane refuses to let her father give up and encourages him to plead his case to the writers. Unfortunately, all of Jane’s helpfulness cannot make up for the fact that Rogelio puts his foot in his mouth every other sentence by insulting the writers when he is trying to apologize.

On the bright side, Rogelio has found a wonderful support system in the Villanueva women. Alba brings the comfort food, Xo tells Rogelio he is destined for greater things like a movie career, and Jane agrees to write the script anyway at Rogelio’s request (“If I have to die, I want you to do it”). So Jane does her best work for her father, after getting some inspiration from her abuela. Neither one of them could’ve suspected that Rogelio’s assistant has been plotting Rogelio’s downfall for months to get a spot on the show as his long-lost son. Nevertheless, Rogelio’s performance of Jane’s scene is flawless, and even inspires Jane to call him Dad (yes, at this point I’m crying).

Jane isn’t just dealing with her own family drama, though, but with Rafael’s as well. While she and Rafael are doing well, and are still adorable, they decide to go to one of Luisa’s therapy sessions together so that Luisa can make amends. Rafael is extremely skeptical, but our Jane is always the optimist. While most of the session involves Luisa selling the couple on a whole lot of whooie, we do get some interesting information on their mother. Apparently Mama Solano had a mental breakdown and was institutionalized as well. Jane tries to help the siblings, but Rafael tells Jane that his sister has put him through so much that it is difficult to forgive her. Jane trumps this argument by telling Rafael that she is able to forgive Luisa because she gave Jane the two most important things in her life (Rafael and their baby).

Thanks to Nadine, Michael has been officially suspended and can no longer investigate the Sin Rostro case. Let me rephrase that: he can no longer legally investigate the Sin Rostro case. That doesn’t keep him from, with his brother’s help, linking together pieces of the puzzle back to Rafael’s father Emilio. Oh, if he only knew the twist this would take.

Petra is still doing her best to live under a rock, jumping at every sound and refusing to see clients per her job as the hotel event coordinator. Rafael refuses to sign her paychecks if she doesn’t work, though, so she submits. Unfortunately for her, her first client of the day is none other than the big bad Milos who she has been running from for years. Turns out Milos is a supposedly changed man, and after anger management, he comes to make amends with Petra. After weeks of feeling overwhelmed by paranoia and fear, Petra finally lets herself break down. Who should happen to be her shoulder to lean on than Jane? Yeah, that was weird, but surprisingly sweet. The real shocker is when Milos takes Petra hostage and, in front of her mother, slits Petra’s throat. Don’t worry though, it was all a ruse to get Petra’s mother to admit that she lied about being able to walk, so that Milos could prove her mother lied years ago in order to break them up.

Back to the Sin Rostro investigation. So Rose is running around half-crazed that her husband is a criminal, Rafael admits to Jane that he’s beginning to think Rose is right, and even Luisa thinks something is off. No sooner does Emilio have plans to whisk his wife out of the country than Rose decides to kill her husband by burying him in cement. Sin Rostro=Rose. Now, while I may have suspected that Rose was connected to Sin Rostro, as a soap fan myself, I can safely say “death by cement” is a new one.

Now that Sin Rostro has been unmasked to the audience, how long can she remain so to those in her life?

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