The Originals: Dahlia’s Reign of Terror and the Mikaelsons’ Struggle

The Originals

Dahlia’s Chilling Presence and the Mikaelsons’ Dilemma

Dahlia continues to captivate and terrify us, as well as the Mikaelsons, in the latest episode of The Originals. Another innocent life is lost in this supernatural war, and the trust between siblings begins to falter. Dahlia’s reign of terror has only just begun, and the events of this episode will likely seem mild compared to what’s in store for the final three episodes of the season!

Divide and Conquer: A Flawed Strategy Against the Mikaelsons

Divide and conquer is a common tactic when dealing with the Mikaelsons, but their enemies fail to realize that it never works. Although things appear bleak now that Elijah and Rebekah have effectively betrayed Klaus by daggering him at this critical moment, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily siding with Freya. The fact that both Freya and Klaus kept giving their siblings ultimatums to choose between them was rather childish. Freya’s anger towards Klaus for killing their father is understandable, as she claims to be the only one who loved him, but she must remember that she is also the only one among them who didn’t know him at all. She wasn’t around to witness the torture he put Klaus through growing up. If she has to be mad at anyone, I hope she channels all that anger into defeating Dahlia, once and for all. If she survives, maybe then she and Klaus can finally see eye to eye. They’re definitely more alike than they choose to admit.

Handling the Countdown: Sibling Choices and Consequences

The way everyone handles the countdown until the protection spell on the safe house wears off is intriguing. Rebekah seems to do nothing but weigh her options of siding with Klaus or Freya, confiding in the only person who’ll listen: Marcel. Elijah refuses to choose a sibling, even attempting to talk some sense into Freya. However, he ultimately stands with Klaus when Jackson and Hayley believe he is responsible for killing Aiden. While things were looking good for the brothers at that particular moment, they didn’t stay that way. Hayley persuaded Elijah into buying her and Jack some time to escape with Hope. Hayley was the only one actually working on a real solution here when she thought of trying a way to mask Hope’s magic. After all, it’s her powers that attract Dahlia, so the logic follows that if they can mask those powers, she will be untraceable when they’re out on the run. Of course, logic is never the answer when there’s an ancient witch coming for your infant daughter. It’ll only be a matter of time before Dahlia finds them again, and all bets will be off then.

The Price of Staking Klaus: A Dangerous Game

There’s always a price to pay for staking Klaus. He’s been daggered before, but this time is different. It’s a crucial time where he feels he’s the only one capable of protecting his daughter. All along, he was working on his own plan, not letting anyone in on his secrets. When he is undaggered, everyone better watch out because he will show no mercy. If I had to bet on one of his first victims, I would say Jackson is a goner. He’s been the one pushing to get Hayley and Hope away from the family drama, and beyond that, he’s really still one-dimensional.

Klaus and Cami: An Unexpectedly Sweet Moment

Klaus and Cami shared an unexpectedly sweet scene together before he was rendered useless in this fight. She always manages to bring out the human side of Klaus, and in turn, he allows her to see the good in him. Right now, Cami’s the only one who knows that Klaus didn’t kill Aiden, but as he mentioned, no one else will believe her. In time, I’m sure the truth will come out one way or another, but I hope Cami is the one to remove the stake from Klaus.

Aiden’s Tragic Fate: A Heartbreaking Loss

Poor Aiden never stood a chance against Dahlia. She overheard him confessing to Jackson about working for Klaus, and she struck him when he was finally ready to run away with Josh. Even worse, Josh and Davina discovered his body with his heart tossed aside it. Ironically, that was moments after Josh expressed how he felt sort of guilty leaving his best friend after she just lost her boyfriend. She was genuinely happy that at least one of them would get the happy ending they deserve. Now it seems they’re both cursed when it comes to love. Although, there is always the chance for Davina to resurrect Kol in one body or another. I’ll always hold out hope for that!

Notable quotables:

-”My only feeling is a lingering sense of annoyance that he didn’t stay dead the first time.” -Klaus talking to Cami about any regrets after killing Mikael.

-”You are what is known as a tipping point to set Mikaelson against Mikaelson.” -Dahlia to Aiden before framing his murder on Klaus, not realizing the family is already divided.

What did you think of the episode?  

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