Jacki Weaver Keeps Getting Mistaken for Sally Struthers

Jacki Weaver Keeps Getting Mistaken for Sally Struthers
Jacki Weaver Keeps Getting Mistaken for Sally Struthers

Credit: Yellowstone

Sally Struthers or Jacki Weaver? It’s the question of the year now that Yellowstone season five has premiered. With it brings the hateful, vengeful, nasty Caroline Warner. The character is the chairman and CEO of a fictitious company called Market Equities. Her job is to buy land from Montana residents and build things. Big, expensive, not-so-environmentally friendly things. Caroline Warner made a quick enemy of both John Dutton and his daughter Beth Dutton, and it’s Beth Caroline must watch out for.

However, this is not about Yellowstone. This is not about Caroline Warner’s evil personality and a nasty reputation. It’s about Sally Struthers and Jacki Weaver. Why? Because Jacki Weaver is the actress playing Caroline Warner – so well, we might add – but everyone thinks it’s Sally Struthers. We won’t lie…the similarities are remarkable. Both actresses are dynamic. They’re not far apart in age, either. But it is the hair and their voices that have us all confused. It’s that smoky, raspy voice Caroline Warner uses to bark orders that have us all thinking it’s Sally Struthers, even though it’s Jacki Weaver.

What is Sally Struthers Up To These Days?

Sally Struthers is perhaps one of the most recognizable women in Hollywood. It’s her face and her voice, but mostly it is her sheer talent for taking on a character that will forever remain emblazoned in your mind. Born on July 28, 1947, she’s 75 and still working. Sally Struthers is most famous for her seven-year arc as Gloria Stivic in the hit show All in the Family in the 1970s. She was a relatively new actress when the show began, but it made her a household name. Immediately after, she was cast as the voice of Pebbles Flintstone in the hit cartoon about Fred Flintstone.

Jacki Weaver Keeps Getting Mistaken for Sally Struthers

credit: Yellowstone

Her time on All in the Family eventually landed her a show called Gloria, and she returned to her roots and continued to play the character that made her famous. It only aired for one season, however. Over the new few decades, Sally Struthers would lend her voice to animated characters in numerous cartoons. In 2000, we all fell in love with Struthers when she was cast as Lorelei Gilmore’s neighbor on the hit show Gilmore Girls. She came back in 2016 to star as Babette Dell, her Gilmore Girls character, in the miniseries showing us where Lorelei and Rory Gilmore ended up. Struthers also spent many years starring in amazing shows on Broadway.

What Has Jacki Weaver Done Over the Years?

Much like Sally Struthers, Jacki Weaver has been a busy woman for many years. She was born on May 25, 1947, which means she is also 75. Being that she is from Australia, much of her early work in television and film is not as widely known to Americans. However, she’s exceptionally talented. It was 2012 when she became a household name in America. She starred as Sylvia Dickerson-Barnes in the hit movie The Five-Year Engagement as well as Dolores Solitano in Silver Linings Playbook. SLP went on to bring home major accolades during the subsequent award season, and her name became synonymous with success. Since then, she’s made at least one movie per year – but most years, she makes anywhere from three to five. She’s been in so many television shows and movies we cannot even begin to count them.

Jacki Weaver Keeps Getting Mistaken for Sally Struthers

Credit: Yellowstone

Some Yellowstone fans are worried, however. Jacki Weaver is good, almost too good. She’s so good that she was cast in another series in the middle of her Yellowstone role, and some fans are worried we won’t see much more of her. What’s this new project she’s working on? She’s starring in an FX project called Sterling Affairs, and she’s doing so with Laurence Fishburne. The good news for Yellowstone fans is she’s not going anywhere…for now. She’s still playing the role of Caroline Warner, the woman who will stop at nothing – and we do mean nothing – to get what she wants. She is a worthy adversary to the Dutton family, and we love her.

Sally Struthers is Not on Yellowstone

The long story short version is that it’s not Sally Struthers starring in Yellowstone. However, now that we know Jacki Weaver is in demand for another show, maybe the casting agents could put Struthers in Weaver’s place for a few episodes. We might not even notice, to be honest. Sally Struthers and Jacki Weaver are not the same people, but we get it. They give off the Javier Bardem/Jeffrey Dean Morgan vibe from a distance.

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