The Best Beth Dutton Quotes From Yellowstone Seasons 1-4

The Best Beth Dutton Quotes From Yellowstone Seasons 1-4
The Best Beth Dutton Quotes From Yellowstone Seasons 1-4

Credit: Yellowstone

Season five of Yellowstone is only two weeks away, and the world cannot wait. The Kevin Costner-led hit show shocked all of us. A story about a cattle rancher in Montana who has power, money, and means, and he’d do anything to protect his ranch and his family – even though they don’t all get along.

While we love Costner and the rest of the impressive cast of this show, it’s Kelly Reilly who stole the show from day one. Beth Dutton, as we know her in Yellowstone, is the star of the show every time she is on screen. She’s mean. She speaks the truth. Beth is strong, and she’s fierce, and she’s broken beyond repair in so many ways.

She harbors a great deal of resentment for her brother, she’s in love with Rip, and she is the single best character on the show. Beth Dutton always knows just what to say. Here are our favorite Beth Dutton quotes from Yellowstone’s first four seasons.

1. “You are the trailer park; I am the tornado”

You can take what you want from this one, but we know what it means. Beth Dutton’s quotes like this one are not difficult to come by, but they do mean business. She is not going to sit back and allow anyone to cross her. Others might think they have a chance to beat her, but she’ll never allow anyone else to best her in any capacity. She’s always going to be the tornado to your trailer park.

2. “I made two bad decisions in my life based on fear, and they cost me everything”

Without giving anything away, the two bad decisions she made were very personal. One was so personal that it literally cost her everything. There is no future for her in the way she imagined it. This Beth Dutton quote points out the truth about fear. It never works out in the end. It’s all right to be afraid, but basing your decisions on fear is never the right choice. Your fear shouldn’t hold you back any more than it should lead you. Fear is there. It’s difficult to avoid, but it cannot be the leading factor in your life.

The Best Beth Dutton Quotes From Yellowstone Seasons 1-4

Credit: Yellow Stone

3. “The sting never fades with me. It is a painful lesson and one you’re about to learn”

We all learn painful lessons in life. They hurt. They follow us. It’s rarely fun to look back on them and see anything but the sting. However, those are the painful lessons that teach us the most. If it doesn’t sting, it didn’t teach you a thing. There is so much to learn from mistakes. It is, after all, how we grow and learn to become the people we are today. Some lessons will come and go and not hurt as much in the future. Others will sting for a long time, though, and Beth Dutton knows all too well just how well this works.

4. “I think Heaven’s right here. So’s hell. One person can be walking the clouds right next to someone enduring eternal damnation. And God is the land”

This is one Beth Dutton quote that sits heavily with so many because it does feel so real. It does feel at times that Heaven and Hell are inside of us, and there is nothing we can do but accept it. Some of us walk this earth blessed for eternity with so many amazing things, and others are slated for a life of damnation from the start. But the problem with this quote is that we think it’s a choice. You create your own Heaven on earth by the choices you make each and every day. The more you continue to choose misery, the more likely you are to find that choosing the easiest and most natural, and the less likely you are to find a way out.

The Best Beth Dutton Quotes From Yellowstone Seasons 1-4

Credit: Yellowstone

5. “My mother was the spine of this family. She was the center. And without her, he’s, well, the best of him died with her”

A mother. A wife. The love of your life. There is nothing more important than the person you choose to build your life with, and that person matters. This Beth Dutton quote is a difficult one for her because she and her mother didn’t have the best relationship. Her mother was hard on her. Cold, almost, and disinterested in her daughter. To make it worse, Beth’s mother died doing something for her, and she bears the feeling of guilt and responsibility. Her father never recovered, and he is who he is because of that. She feels that it’s her fault, and she will do anything to fix it.

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