Is Sati the New Oracle in ‘Matrix: Resurrections’?

Is Sati the New Oracle in ‘Matrix: Resurrections’?

Is Sati the New Oracle in ‘Matrix: Resurrections’?

Theories tend to abound when just enough information is given to set people on a path that may or may not be accurate. In this case, the role of Sati is thought to be that of the new Oracle in the upcoming Matrix Resurrections movie, since there are a few reasons why this would make sense. Those that might not remember Sati as well as others only need to look to The Matrix: Revolutions in order to remember the little girl who was a program without purpose and therefore targeted by the machines. When her parent programs smuggled her into the Matrix she had a chance to interact briefly with Neo, and while well aware of who he is and what he’s about, she honored his sacrifice for humanity by changing up the look of the Matrix to include brighter colors and a much less menacing appearance that the green hue tended to give. In other words, Sati was an unknown commodity, but a very powerful one that the old Oracle had a great deal of faith in, which makes her a pretty good choice when it comes to taking over the job of Oracle. 

Much of this stems from the idea that Priyanka Chopra’s role in the upcoming movie has yet to be fully defined, and as many people have seen fit to think that she might be playing the role of Sati, there’s a great deal of excitement when it comes to thinking that she could be the new Oracle, and therefore someone that’s crucial to the story. So far the trailers that have been released show a movie that people didn’t know they wanted but does actually look quite interesting. There’s still the final reveal to discover just how it is that we’re seeing Neo and Trinity once again, but those answers appear to be coming since there are plenty of theories that have been tossed around since the announcements of the movie started showing up. 

It does make sense to think that Sati would become the Oracle, since not only is she powerful, but what little she’s shown has been passive, though after so many years have passed, one can only hope that she’s become a different type of oracle, someone that can possibly stand up to the Architect if he’s still doing his own thing, and whatever program has replaced Agent Smith since it would appear that there is a clear antagonist that will be attempting to stand in the way of whatever peace was struck between the humans and the machines. It would also appear that humans are given a choice as to whether they want to be free of the Matrix, or if they want to remain a part of the system. This is bound to be a complication no matter that it was meant to be a condition that was to be met and kept at the end of the third movie. It does raise a lot of questions that tie into the morality and ethical nature of the Matrix and what it demands and offers in turn to the people that make up the system that it represents. Neither choice is bound to guarantee happiness or an easy life, but the overall choice is to close one’s eyes and accept the reality that’s been given, or open them and realize that life is about to get a lot harder. 

There are still a lot of questions concerning the upcoming movie, but so far it would appear that people are more than willing to come up with their own theories, but it’s going to be exciting to see what plays out and how this movie will become another entry in a story that has had people firmly gripped since the late 90s. It’s amazing to think that this idea has held for so long, but the truth is that The Matrix revolutionized the entertainment industry in a way that has seen a change in just about every facet of how a story is told these days. From the special effects to the overall story, the first movie managed to create the type of buzz that has never really gone away. There have been many great actors that have come and gone in the course of the story, but Resurrections is set to do the same while revolutionizing the idea that was created so long ago.  Seeing Sati as the new Oracle would kind of begs the question of what the Architect might look like, or if he’s stayed the same, and it would also make a lot of people wonder what the Matrix is bound to be like given that peace is a tenuous thing. Things are going to change, that much is obvious, and whether the movies will keep coming or not is hard to say, but we’ll have to see how this one pans out. 

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