Will ABC’s ‘The Grand Hotel’ Captivate Audiences? A Comprehensive Analysis

Grand Hotel

On the first day of ATX Television Festival 2019, ABC offered fans a sneak peek at the first episodes of the highly anticipated show, ‘The Grand Hotel.’ Whether the show will succeed or not is a big question at this point. However, there are many factors to consider when evaluating a TV show and its potential for longevity. ‘The Grand Hotel’ is a drama series that targets a broad audience, appealing to both adults and millennials. With that said, the show features a Hispanic family, which may impact its viewership. As is typical with most American TV shows, viewership tends to be racially biased. To predict the future of ‘The Grand Hotel,’ let’s first break down some details about the show.

The Concept Of The Show

There has been a justified outcry about the lack of creativity in Hollywood from all quarters. This Fox News publication is just an indication of how deep the culture of recycling ideas has grown in the film industry. In recent times, most of the “new” TV shows are far from being original. The recycling of ideas has made it difficult for shows to capture an audience. Turning to ‘The Grand Hotel,’ the script seems familiar, albeit with a twist. The show is a remake of an original Spanish period series, with the story flipped from the upstairs/downstairs narrative used in the original series.

The show revolves around a Hispanic family living in America, striving to achieve the American dream through hard work. However, producer Ben Spector emphasized that this is not a Hispanic show. While the show features a Hispanic family, the rest of the details surrounding the show do not make it exclusively Hispanic. The family owns the Grand Hotel, a beautiful establishment, and all other aspects of the show are built around the hotel and family. Most shows centered on the concept of professional hard work and success have found favor among American viewers. If the concept of the show is anything to go by, ‘The Grand Hotel’ is likely to be a success.

The Setting Of The Show

The series is set in Miami, where the stunning Grand Hotel is located. The setting of this show has nothing to do with the characters or Hispanic affiliation. It is simply a place that best showcases America’s beauty. The setting of the series helps dispel the notion of the show being exclusively Hispanic. Further, to downplay the concept of it being a Hispanic show, the downstairs/upstairs concept is overturned. The show presents the Hispanic characters as the proprietors of the hotel. Unlike popular expectations, this series breaks away from the norm and elevates a special group that is often the minority. This location and its beauty, combined with the added twist to the storyline, give ‘The Grand Hotel’ a solid foundation. The show also resonates with middle-class and low-income earners who are tired of watching the same stories of injustice to the minority.

The Characters

This family series stars some of the renowned drama actors of our age. The Hotel is owned by Santiago Mendoza (Demian Bichir). Demian is a character that will attract a lot of Hispanic viewers, thanks to his roles in several telenovelas. He has also worked on many Hollywood movies and stands out as an attractive actor to many.

The series also features the captivating Hispanic actress, Roselyn Sanchez as Gigi. Gigi Mendoza is Santiago’s second wife. The couple has children who are all grown up and enjoy the spoils of wealth. All the characters in the series play important roles. Mendoza and his wife Gigi embody what a good American life should look like. They are successful and appealing to most working Americans who aim to succeed in life. The children, on the other hand, speak to the upcoming generation. The show depicts the hotel as an attractive place with visitors basking in the sun and enjoying the best of the land.

According to the executive producer, each of the major characters has a big secret. The secrets are revealed in episode 13, leading to a major fallout within the house. Other known names starring in the series include Denyse Tontz, Shalim Ortiz, Btran Craig, Anne Winters, Feliz Ramirez, Chris Warren, and Justina Adorno, among others.


The one point that most people seem to miss about this show is diversity. According to producer Spector, this series features a diverse array of characters and crew. The aim was to showcase diversity in race, gender, and political affiliations. The producer insists that we will only be able to appreciate the beauty of the series after watching the first few episodes. The diversity of this show extends to the shooting crew. The producer believes that the world is diverse and that TV is a place to showcase the real world. Inclusivity, especially gender-based, may favor the show in most parts of the US.

Bottom Line

So, will the show make it? As we have dissected the show into sections, it is easy to understand where it stands according to the American market. One of the selling points for ‘The Grand Hotel’ is the upside-down twist to the plot. Instead of sticking to the regular storyline where Hispanic characters are subject to white masters, the tables are turned. The Hispanic family is an embodiment of what most American families are trying to achieve. For these reasons, I can say yes, the show will make it. Other factors to consider include the characters and the setting. The setting is a lively location that gives the show an American middle-class vibe. Most people in the middle class will easily connect with this show and help improve ratings.

Although it is impossible to definitively predict whether a TV show will be a hit or a failure, we can examine certain aspects. The future looks bright for ‘The Grand Hotel’ if these factors are to be considered.

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