Is It Possible We’ll Ever See an Arrow Featured Film?

Arrow Season 7 Episode 12

Arrow is coming to a conclusion with Season 8. As a result, there are a lot of people who have started speculating about what happens next with the Arrow franchise, with a fair number of them speculating about the potential for an Arrow movie. Unfortunately, while it would be a serious case of exaggeration to say that there is no potential for such an occurrence whatsoever, interested individuals might not want to bet on it unless an official announcement on the matter comes out.

In short, Stephen Amell was asked whether there would be an Arrow movie or not in October of 2018. He answered that there wouldn’t be because the cast and crew for the show were still shooting the show. However, he started to speak on a related matter before stopping himself, which has caused some interested individuals to wonder what he might have been thinking about.

It is possible that Amell was thinking about Season 8’s resemblance to a script for a hypothetical Green Arrow movie that was written up by David S. Goyer and Justin Marks a while ago. In both cases, Green Arrow is imprisoned in a prison that holds up a significant number of the supervillains that he has captured over the course of his career, with the result that he is forced to interact with them. However, while the season’s resemblance to the movie script is an interesting topic, it isn’t as exciting as some of the other possibilities that fans have been thinking about.

For instance, since Amell said that there would’ve be an Arrow movie because the cast and crew were still shooting the show, it should come as no surprise to learn that some interested individuals have started wondering if that means that there is a chance for an Arrow movie once Season 8 has come to a conclusion. Theoretically, it sounds like something that could happen. However, there are some serious barriers to it happening, with an excellent example being the choice between either keeping the Arrowverse its own thing or risking the challenges of making the Arrowverse compatible with the DC Extended Universe. As such, it might be best to wait until there is actually something solid that can be used as a basis for more grounded theory-making, which means 2020 at the very earliest.

Will There Ever Be a Green Arrow Movie?

As for whether there will ever be a Green Arrow movie, well, it seems like something that will happen at some point in time. First, this is because Warner Bros. Pictures remains interested in making movies based on DC Comics superheroes, meaning that the potential exists so long as superhero movies remain popular with movie watchers. Second, while Green Arrow isn’t what one might call an A-lister, he can be counted as a B-lister, meaning that he is about as prominent as a number of superheroes that are set to star in the DC Extended Universe. Third, it seems reasonable to suspect that Aquaman‘s success might have made Warner Bros. Pictures a bit more willing to consider B-listers at the heads of their own movies, particularly since the Batman and Superman movies in the DC Extended Universe have been lackluster in one way or another. Combined, these factors make it seem like a Green Arrow movie isn’t that far fetched, though to be fair, this is no more than a very superficial examination of the situation.

With that said, the bigger question for a lot of people might be how much of Arrow will manage to make it into a Green Arrow movie. Simply put, Arrow has been running for years and years, meaning that it has had a noticeable impact on how people perceived Green Arrow and the members of his supporting cast. As such, it seems safe to say that it has had an effect on the comic books because the creators of said medium have never been hesitant about making use of the elements from other forms of superhero media that have managed to resonate with consumers.

Summed up, the chances of an Arrow movie aren’t particularly great but should not be regarded as being impossible. Meanwhile, a Green Arrow movie seems likelier to some extent, but it wouldn’t be an Arrow movie so much as a very close cousin.

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