General Hospital Spoilers: Is it Over?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is it Over?

General Hospital fans are watching it all go down. We saw that there was a horrible moment in which Obrecht was able to escape. And while no one wants to see her hurt or things fall apart for her the way that they have, her escape is going to cause some problems for certain people at some point. But what we all really loved to see was the moment in which Franco and Jason were able to get Carly free. We think she was at a point when her life depended on this, and she was not going to survive if they could not get her out of Ferncliff. They got her out, though, and now she’s free. Well, she’s kind of free. She’s still an escapee, and they have to keep her safe and protected until they can get this situation under control. She’s not entirely free until Nelle is down and her name is cleared.

Speaking of Nelle, she’s in labor. She’s having a baby. We still don’t believe for a second that this baby belongs to Michael. It was too well planned, to coincidental, and she’s too much of a manipulator for this to be something she has to do for herself. She is in labor, however, and that means she’s kind of stuck in a hospital. It’s a little difficult to keep yourself out of trouble when you are working so hard to have a baby and you can’t leave the hospital to protect what is going on in your life. She’s not happy, and we are certain that she will not develop a really great maternal feeling when this baby is born. It’s all a means to an end for her, and that’s what we think is going to happen.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

Fans. Stop what you’re doing and focus. Pay attention to this announcement. If you have not already heard this, or you did not see this coming, sit down. There is a big moment happening right about now, and it’s all about Genie Francis. She’s back. And she will undoubtedly be better than ever. That’s right, friends. Our very own Laura is back in town, and she’s ready to make it her own. She’s been downgraded to an occasional status, but she’s coming back and she’s going to bring the heat when she does. We cannot even wait to see her back on our screens.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Jason is about to make a very important phone call. He needs to let things happen, and he needs to get this situation under control. He needs to call Sam, and he needs to tell her what he did, how it’s all going, and he needs to get her on board with all that will happen next. This is going to be a very special moment for all of them, and we think that there is a moment that this might end up defining a future for these two. But for the moment, it’s all about Carly and how they can help her at this point in her life. She needs them more than anyone else right now, and they have to get this under control. Sam can help.

And we will see that Sonny has his doubts. He is in a dark place right now. He feels that so many things happening in his own life right now are his own fault. He feels that they are not going to have much to say about anything other than the fact that things aren’t going to go well for him at the moment. His wife is in trouble, Michael is in trouble. Nelle is having a baby that might be Michael’s, but probably isn’t, and she’s trying to kill Michael — and she’s in the hospital with him, now, too, and that’s bad news. It’s all ugly, and Sonny is still concerned that things will not go well for anyone, and we are worried for him. He’s upset, and we get it. He’s not in a good place.

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