Is it Fair to Say that Top Chef is Anti-Reality TV?

In recent times, people might have seen various sites asking whether Top Chef can be considered an example of anti-reality TV or not. If so, they should know that this has popped up because of an episode of The Gist, which featured David Viana, who was a competitor on Season 16 of the long-running show. Those who are curious shouldn’t hesitate to check out the podcast on their own, but it is interesting to note that Viana commented on the high morale of the participants, which isn’t what one would expect from the rather negative nature of most reality TV.

Is This a Fair Assessment?

There are a number of ways in which Top Chef runs counter to much of reality TV. For instance, the participants are professional chefs who have been chosen before the start of the show, meaning that there is no footage of people humiliating themselves on national TV. Instead, the competition is both serious and sophisticated, thus making it that much more entertaining for people who are fascinated by what cooking is like at that level. Furthermore, while it would be overstating the case to say that the people behind Top Chef have no interest in encouraging entertaining drama, they do so less than a lot of their counterparts with a lot of other reality TV shows. On top of this, it should be noted that this change of focus means that interested individuals get to learn more about the participants rather than the facades that they project for the sake of the show, which is definitely a problem with a lot of popular reality TV shows because of how viewership numbers can result in perverse incentives. Combined, these factors make for a more positive environment, which makes for a refreshing change from the much more negative-toned content that has become so common throughout reality TV.

Having said this, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that Top Chef is anti-reality TV. In part, this is because while reality TV has become associated with the worst kind of dumb sensationalism, there are still other kinds of reality TV shows being made, meaning that it would be unfair to tar the rest of the material that is being made with the same brush. After all, there are plenty of bad scripted shows being made on a constant basis, but it would be going too far to say that the whole of scripted TV is nothing but trash. With that said, it should also be noted that Top Chef still has some faults of its own, meaning that it isn’t some kind of perfect paragon that can be contrasted with everything else that can be found out there. For instance, there have been some judgments that seemed dubious, not least because they seemed as though they would enable the show to hang on to interesting participants in preference for ejecting those who had run through their potential in that regard. This is particularly true because Top Chef is ultimately reliant on something that the people watching the show can’t experience at home, thus making for room for doubt on their part. Certainly, this is better than what a lot of other reality TV shows do, but it is nonetheless an issue for Top Chef.

Why Is Reality TV So Focused On Negativity Anyways?

It would be nice if reality TV shifted more towards Top Chef from its current state of being. Unfortunately, while that may or may not be possible, the current state of reality TV is very much a reflection of the current state of viewers. Apparently, there are some studies that suggest that some reality TV viewers are using it as a way of satisfying their social needs, which might not be a particularly healthy way of addressing inadequate socialization but is nonetheless something that some people do. However, there are also other people who watch reality TV for other reasons, which range from being entertained by the fakeness of such content to experiencing things in a vicarious manner without putting themselves at risk. Ultimately, media is a product of the society that produces it, with reality TV being no exception to this.

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