Iron Man vs. Black Panther (Comic)

In terms of Iron Man vs. Black Panther there are some glaring issues that do need to be looked at and Dorkly tends to point them out with all the delicacy of a hammer falling on a piece of fine china. Thanks for that Dorkly, to start with, since it is very obvious that the two have some big differences, but also for making it this funny since it takes just a little bit of the sting that might otherwise ruin the moment. It’s very true that Iron Man, the first one, only showed women in the role of either the secretary or the sexy reporter that was there and gone and not much of an addition to the story. Obviously in Black Panther things have progressed to where the women are now some of the most awesome fighters in the movie. I wouldn’t say they’re the absolute top fighters since Killmonger did take the king’s guard down rather handily.

As far as the villains go Iron Man could have used a better villain, but Black Panther could have used a better ending for the main villain. After all, Killmonger was a continual thorn in the side of the Black Panther for while, not just for one go-around.

Yeah, Tony Stark is a rather selfish and narcissistic individual that probably shouldn’t have the kind of weapons system that allows him to be that powerful. But the trick of it is that in someone else’s hands things might get a whole lot worse. With T’Challa the idea was to keep Wakanda off the world’s radar to prevent their country from being corrupted just as much as the world had been. Of course once someone tried to steal their precious vibranium the idea changed so that Wakanda could contribute instead of being forced to defend itself so often. As for the money rolling in for Marvel, of course Black Panther has made more, it’s been years since Iron Man came out and people have been hooked on Marvel ever since. We can thank Iron Man for the initial interest, and now Black Panther for the continued interest.

If you buy into the hype that each and every MCU movie is about Iron Man or Black Panther then you’re not too far off the mark. Those making the decisions at Marvel do in fact seem to base their movies off of one person but attempt to keep the focus on other characters at times so as to make it seem that those individuals are still important. Should anyone really take the time to care about who the movie is focusing on though then you might be cheating yourself of the experience by looking one way when you should be looking the other way. It’s a case of misdirection so that the filmmakers can get you to focus on what they want you to. And lastly, the idea of growing tired of Marvel making B-list characters into movie stars is kind of ridiculous since Iron Man was almost never B-list, and even Black Panther couldn’t really be called B-list. They’re both historic for the MCU really since Iron Man was one of the founding members of the Avengers and Black Panther was the first ever black superhero.

They were stars before the movies were ever conceived.

Comic via Dorkly

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