Some of the Most Important Deleted Scenes from Game of Thrones

There’s typically so much material shoved into each episode of Game of Thrones that seeing everything takes multiple viewings and a careful eye that can stand to watch every frame by frame moment to catch what might have been thrown in as a tease by the creator. If you are this type of person then you might have by now figured out that there are actually several areas in which deleted scenes might have explained a few developments in the characters or the setting. These deleted scenes are usually explained and/or shown at the end of the episodes and are included on the DVD sets. This way you can have the entire story as you’d like it and be able to fill in the gaps quite easily.

So here are just a few deleted scenes throughout the series that might be of some interest.

6. Loras and Margaery comfort one another following Renly’s death.

When Renly is killed by his brother Stannis’ efforts and Melisandre’s demon shadow Loras is understandably stricken. Renly was after all his lover and Margaery was his wife. However, the scene between them during his grieving period show that Margaery is far more manipulative and calculating than she lets on, and sets the framework for the devious mind she will eventually show later on.

5. The handmaiden death.

There was a time when Daenerys Stormborn was still very naive despite the struggles she’d had to that point. In this scene one of her handmaidens betrays her by killing the other. It seems she still had a lot to learn about human nature, but she would learn eventually. There is after all a reason why she is a bit tougher and a lot meaner at this point in season 7.

4. Tyrion interrupting the Hound and Sansa.

The Hound has undergone a very strange but telling transition as he’s been allowed to remain in the series. A lot of people might have thought he was dead when he was finally tossed off a cliff following his fight with Brienne. But the Hound has proven a lot tougher than that. Before those times however he was a rather mean and fierce individual, as Sansa might have found out if not for Tyrion.

3. Maester Pycelle was responsible for Rhaegar’s fall.

Twyin Lannister knew full well that Pycelle was not the infirm old man he pretended to be. But Pycelle was also the man that brought about the downfall of Rhaegar Targaryen by convincing him to open his doors to the Lannisters. From that point on it became a swift race to the finish that Tywin unfortunately does not get to see.

2. Bronn turns Shae against Tyrion.

Bronn care’s about Bronn, and that’s it. He knew Tyrion wasn’t much good when he met him, and he knew that siding with a lost cause wasn’t the wisest thing to do. So when asked he easily turned Shae against Tyrion by filling her ear with the type of poison that could swiftly turn whatever love she still felt for Tyrion sour and bitter in her mouth. And the rest, as they say, is history.

1. Gray Worm was almost killed.

Gray Worm is known for being fearless and not giving into the odds, but when someone who cares for you senses that there will be danger that you cannot face alone, it might be wise to listen. If not for the heroic appearance and sacrifice of Barristan Selmy it’s possible that Gray Worm would have joined the long list of people in GoT that have gone down fighting the good fight.

Sometimes the deleted scenes carry a lot more weight than directors seem to think.


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