Game of Thrones Rumors Set Stage for A Major Battle to Come

You knew that rumors of a major battle to come in Game of Thrones would start eventually, and considering that winter has come, it’s the perfect time to start talking about it. When last we saw the finale of season 7 we learned a great many things that were to come. The Starks would ally with House Targaryean, the Lannisters were divided, and the army of the dead had marched up to, and eventually through, the ruins of the wall left by the undead dragon, Viserion. The Night King now has his leave to move unimpeded against the north, but as Watcher On the Wall has reported there are sights of Winterfell being built up in order to stage what could only be a massive battle that is headed in the direction of the imperiled House Stark.

Yet what we know now is that Dany has allowed Jon to mine the dragonglass that rests under Dragonstone, her home, in order to better arm the Unsullied and House Stark and its allies so that they might better fight the white walkers. The unrelenting hordes of the dead are bound to overwhelm the defending forces of the north, but with the dragonglass there is at least a hope that the battlefield will be leveled in some respects. Then there is the matter of an undead dragon whose flame burns so much hotter than that of its former brethren, as was proven when Viserion took down the Wall with relative ease.

The dead are coming, and Winterfell is right in their path.

Were that the only thing anyone had to worry about it might be okay, but there are other rogue elements that need to be sorted out as well. Cersei Lannister, who still rules as queen of King’s Landing, is firmly set against the other houses that see the immediate threat in the white walkers, even after seeing one of the dead up close and personal. Eruon Greyjoy made a show of cutting and running only to be revealed as making a feint so that he could procure another army for Cersei, and the houses that have stuck together thus far are in no way an adequate match for the dead storming down from the north.

There’s more than one battle that needs to be waged in the upcoming 8th season, but the dead a far more pressing concern since it’s not known for certain just why the Night King is moving south at this time. It could be for vengeance against the Children of the Forest for what they did to him so long ago, or it could be just for the sake of pure carnage that he wishes to spread across the face of Westeros. It’s easy to assume that if the dead were to win that they would spread like a cancer across the rest of the world, bathing the entire map in a cold, unending winter that would last for as long as the Night King wished it.

Season 8 is so far away at this point but I know a lot of people, including myself, just cannot wait.

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