Game of Thrones: How The Show Should’ve Ended

Game of Thrones: How The Show Should’ve Ended

It’s been nearly three years since we saw the world of Westeros, yet the wounds from season eight remains fresh. With the prequel, House of the Dragon finally released a trailer, I thought I look back at the Game of Thrones season and try to fix some of the problems that left most fans furious. Let’s started off with the most infuriating moment of the whole season:  Daenerys Targaryen turns heel. Here’s the thing, Daenerys has always been cruel. However, her actions have always been justified by logic and reasoning. There was never a moment where The Mother of Dragons recklessly snapped for no reason.

Yes, she does come from a tyrannical father; however, the teases of Daenerys going bad have been nothing more than talks. The problem with Daenerys’s sudden will to kill the innocent doesn’t make any sense. She is mad at Cersei for coldly beheading Missandei, but what does that have to do with the townspeople? The innocent citizens didn’t aid in Missandei’s kidnapping or murder, and they swiftly surrendered the moment Daenerys called for it. The obvious action would be for Daenerys to kill Cersei. No heel turn or anything. At least not yet. Following her win over Cersei and King’s Landing, Daenerys should’ve at least had a full season to rule the place. Hell, at least two to three episodes would’ve been nice. Her evil turn should’ve been a slow burn. Perhaps her ideas of how the world should run fail and she falls flat on her face as the queen. Then, Daenerys could’ve become desperate to be better than Cersei and her father, making rash decisions that are good for the people but are morally wrong. The point is, this heel turn shouldn’t have randomly happened. There’s nothing wrong with making Daenerys a tyrannical monster; however, when it completely betrays the character without any sound logic or reasoning then it’s a problem.

Let’s divert our attention to Tyrion Lannister, who turned into a coward and a snitch in two seasons. This is the same Tyrion that fought in Blackwater or had constant verbal battles with King Joffrey. Oh, let’s not forget the same Tyrion that killed his father. When you think of Tyrion, a coward and a snitch were never the two that crossed your mind. Having Tyrion agree with Daenerys plans because he was afraid of her power felt as if the writers had completely forgotten about the type of man that he is. Tyrion should’ve been helping Varys plot for Daenerys downfall. That’s what seasons one through six Tyrion would’ve done. His willingness to betray Varys ruined his character and it was sad to see the man who bravely fought in Blackwater tuck his tail between his legs in the final seasons.

Another frustrating character arc was Jamie Lannister going back to Cersei. For multiple seasons, the “Kingslayer” had been slowly developing into a changed man that fans could actually root for. He even turned his back on Cersei in season seven. Then in a matter of seconds, the writers undo all the tremendous work they did for Jamie’s character and have him run back to Cersei. Jamie should’ve been fighting against Cersei and her evil ways. To erase seasons’ worth of character work was truly baffling. Perhaps Jamie tries to convince Cersei to stand down but she kills him instead? Or, Jamie leads the charge and helps take out Cersei and her army? Either way, Jamie should’ve never run back to Cersei. It feels all that work done to make him a better man was wasted time because the writers couldn’t think of anything better to do with him.

Making Bran, an emotionless kid who’s done nothing in the last few seasons, the new ruler of the Six Kingdoms was a mistake. Sansa should’ve won the title here. The girl had to deal with monsters for most of the series and slowly grew into a smart and politically savvy woman. Best of all, Sansa could have empathy for the innocent citizens. Just because Bran isn’t a cruel monster like Joffrey, the lack of emotions means that he won’t be able to connect with the common folks. Sansa deserved the title of the new ruler, not Bran.
And Jon Snow. Honestly, with the build-up of jealously from Daenerys over her new husband, Snow was the right man to kill Daenerys. However, Snow should’ve fought and killed her last dragon. The amount of tension would’ve been incredible and it could’ve been an action-packed moment of the dragon vs. Jon Snow. Jon Snow’s current end doesn’t make sense because he saved the Kingdom from another tyrannical monster, yet he’s punished by being sent home. Snow could’ve either died a hero (via dragon) or get a prominent position within the kingdom after his big battle with the dragon. Either way, Snow wouldn’t have been sent home for nothing.

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