If “Call Me By Your Name” Starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito

We have all heard critics and audiences everywhere rave about the award winning film ‘Call Me By Your Name’, which tells the story of two young men, a seventeen year old boy, and his father’s twenty four year old assistant, who fall in love in the heart of Italy during a summer. This coming of age story has spoken to many people because of its compelling story telling and relatable emotion for this day in age; But, what if the story took a different turn, and starred other famed actors, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito? It is a hard picture to grasp, but we may be able to help. To see what this film could possibly look like, you can take a peek at this parody video that tells the story that all makes us chuckle, which we have posted below:

Obviously, this is a clever twist on many of the clips and tidbits from the 1988 film ‘Twins’, which starred DeVito and Schwarzenegger. That film told the story of fraternal twins who find each other when they are adults, and begin a life together as brothers. However, this spin on these clips tells a compelling and somewhat similar parody to the beloved film that was released in 2017. It’s crazy to see how these story take similar paths, but telling different plot lines at the same time; It also shows how we can twist these coinciding plot lines to make a parody for the ages to see. With that said, this has been our closer look at the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ parody video, starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1988.

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