The Top Five Dustin Hoffman Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Dustin Hoffman Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Dustin Hoffman Yelling Scenes in Movies

And we’re back to the Yelling Game! Dustin Hoffman headlines today’s game and what he lacks in volume and pitch he more than makes up for in emotion. He doesn’t have the loudest voice in the world and that might be a good thing but when he puts it towards yelling he’s been one of the more impressive actors since he can get your attention with far less than other people use. Honestly, he doesn’t really yell that loud but somehow he makes it convincing all the same.  Normally you might look at him and see a very nice young man in his older movies and an almost grandfatherly person as he currently is. You wouldn’t think he could actually raise his voice to you and cause any amount of consternation or even confusion with an exclamation at the end of his words. But Hoffman does in fact have the quality that is needed to really tell a person off or get their attention when he has to.

He does a lot more with less than other people can.

5. Kramer vs. Kramer

The wife leaves, then comes back. The wife now wants custody of their son. The father hasn’t been the perfect parent but he’s done one thing that she hasn’t: he’s been there. This movie brought to light the very real fact that the belief of the court that a child should always stay with their mother in the case of a divorce is at times a very foolish belief.

4. Rain Man

This had to take some doing on Hoffman’s part to play someone with this level of autism. Anything that he can’t understand or cope with tends to set Raymond off, even to the point of screaming fits that are hard to calm. Anyone that’s ever experienced what autism can do to a person’s life and those around them needs to give this at least one look. It’s not entirely true to life but it’s a great film.

3. Hook

Captain James Hook is not the kind of man that just lets something go. Long ago Peter Pan took his hand and now that he’s found him he wants his revenge. But going the extra length of taking a man’s kids seems like something that only a suicidal person would do. Thankfully this was a kids flick, otherwise it seems feasible that Pan might get a little more violent than he did.

2. Meet the Fockers

“This is Capoeira man! This is hardcore s***!” Bernie is just awesome in his kooky, completely out there style. His knowledge of Capoeira isn’t all that great but at the very least he’s doing his best. Of course he ends up kicking Greg in the face while going for Jack but it still works out that Jack is the bad guy because, well, he was acting like a jerk most of the time.

1. Runaway Jury

Wendell is the kind of guy that wants others to play fair since he does the same thing but the problem is that playing fair isn’t the style of a lot of people. In a lawsuit against a gun company the idea of fair is that the people with the most money get to make the decisions, not the jury.

His voice never goes that high, but it’s still enough to be impressive.


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