I Am Number Four Needs a Prequel, and a Sequel

Being one of those that agree that every story has some merit until it proves that it doesn’t, there was a lot of hope that I Am Number Four would be something that might be worth the effort of watching. Unfortunately, while it was a good idea, the overall story fell flat in a big way despite having all the advantages that it needed to be great. The actors weren’t so well-known that they would have been able to bring the story back, other than Timothy Olyphant, but even if they had been, it feels as though this idea was only half-baked and needed more development. There are plenty of people that might think that this idea isn’t worth anything at this point and is best left as a movie that’s been forgotten and left behind. But there is a spark there, and if fanned into a flame it could be something that might work with another attempt. It would take a lot of ambition and a great deal of patience to pull it off, but it does feel like it could happen. 

A prequel would be nice to see since it might go a long way toward explaining the overall origin of the characters and why the initial movie is important. The first movie feels like an idea that was originally meant to be much longer since there’s a planet that the protagonist and his protector come from, and there are enemies who want them dead that are on the hunt for them. It’s simple, it’s not too complicated, and yet there are a few factors that make this story feel like there might be enough depth to it that will keep it from being entirely boring. There are a few problems though, and they have to do with the idea that it can come off as a rather generic story that might not be quite exciting enough for a lot of people that have grown used to science fiction stories that are captivating to epic in nature. 

A prequel might be kind of tricky simply because it would need to be a reboot considering that the actors might be fine to bring back for a sequel, but it would be interesting to see how the whole thing started and how the first three of the Garde were hunted and killed. That alone might be enough to spark a renewed sense of interest in the story that might make it possible to keep things moving, but it would need the promise of a sequel to maintain the idea that it could be something that might stretch beyond the initial movie to create something that could tell a story that would last for a while. The level of development would need to be improved without question, and it’s fair to think that it might even be given a TV series instead of another movie or two to see if it still had any legs to stand and run on. It’s very likely that taking a short first season to see if tis story could pan out that it would be cheaper than creating a full feature movie. 

This movie didn’t exactly fire on all cylinders when it was first released, but it could be that giving it a story before and a story after might be able to redeem it a bit and allow people to fully understand what it’s all about. Getting fans interested would be the first part, but keeping them interested would be just as difficult. I Am Number Four was given just enough hype to be seen as something that might be worth the time and effort to watch when it was first released, and the main protagonist was thought to be someone to watch in the coming years, but of course, everything failed to grab the audience for more than it took to watch the movie. Some folks heard that it was that bad and didn’t even bother. Bringing it back would be tough, there’s no doubt about that, but finding a way to make it happen could revive this idea and create something even greater than what came before. It does feel as though this movie needs this and could end up deserving it, but again, the ambition that’s needed for a project like this is considerable, and the fact is that a lot of people might not want to touch it. 

Just for the hell of it, seeing this movie come back into focus, even as a TV show, would be interesting enough just to see if it could last more than one season. If it could last long enough to be redeemed in the eyes of the fans it might be that it could move onward to introduce a sequel that would bring back the original actors. It’s not impossible, just improbable. 

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