The Five Best Timothy Olyphant Movies of His Career

In some ways Timothy Olyphant is a nice surprise that seemed to stroll in through the door unannounced and fully ready to tear things up with his acting ability. It’s funny to think that his aspirations of becoming a serious actor were once not all that high, but seeing how things turned out he went in the right direction and became someone that might not be on everyone’s minds continuously but at the same time is still capable of turning heads with his talents. Seriously, this guy can go from calm and composed to nuts in a few seconds flat and he does it in one of the greatest ways. His career didn’t start off with a bang but once people started taking notice of him things did start to happen since it became obvious that he was a diamond in the rough so to speak. He’s not the big-time leading man that many directors look for, but he is the valuable asset that can fulfill a role when it’s needed.

Here are some of his best movies to date.

5. A Man Apart

This movie gives a person an indication of his range since he plays an absolute jerk that’s egotistical and believes he’s beyond reproach since he has the kind of connections that he thinks keep him safe from the cops. When he’s pitted against a cop that’s not really a cop and has just lost about everything he holds dear however, Hollywood Jack quickly figures out that he’s messed with the wrong guy. This is the type of character that you love to see take a fall since he’s arrogant, ignorant, and really doesn’t seem to care about anyone or anything since, well, that’s just who he is and it suits the movie perfectly.

4. This Is Where I Leave You

What’s funny about Horry, in a tragic sort of way, is that he’s actually one of the most balanced characters in the movie, emotionally-speaking. Horry has a few mental issues after an accident that gets described, just barely, but somehow he’s still the more stable out of everyone. The Altman family is a mess, no matter that none of them are in the same condition as Horry, and it’s pretty obvious that despite their lack of mental infirmities they need something to pull them together. For Wendy it’s Horry, no matter that he can’t give her everything she wants. This is the kind of love that hurts largely because it’s not typically encouraged, being that she’s a married woman, and because Horry can’t give back to her everything she needs no matter how much he wants to.

3. Scream 2

This is where Tim really started to get noticed as he brought an intensity to the second Scream, which was already starting to come off the rails, that hadn’t yet been seen. In a way he almost replaced Randy as the resident film geek, but obviously this just wasn’t to be since he was a lot more unstable than Randy and was ready to carry on the work that Billy and Stu had began in the first movie. His idea of blaming the movies was almost sound save for one thing, it was kind of the worst motive in history considering that a prosecutor would shred through this in a heartbeat. Nice try though.

2. Go

You can kind of see where some people might not view this as a comedy since it does get pretty dark in some spots and makes you think that it’s more of a drama than anything. Tim’s whole part in this is as the drug dealer that goes against his better judgment and does business with a young woman he’s never worked with before. Of course when she tries to rip him off due to the necessity of having to dump the pills she accepted he’s none too happy and ends up going after her. But there’s something about watching a person be run over and flung into a ditch that makes even the most hardened drug dealer think twice about sticking around.

1. The Girl Next Door

There’s one thing about porn producers that a lot of us might not know, they don’t like losing their star actors to anyone since that’s money out of their pocket and any potential earnings are greatly impacted when they can’t rely on their stable of actors. Kelly is the kind of guy that isn’t about to lose a woman that brings in the dough since she’s that good at what she does, but when Matthew makes up his mind that ‘the juice is worth the squeeze’ it becomes a running debacle over just who Danielle is going to pick, and whether she’ll stay with the business or follow her heart.

Timothy is definitely a true talent within Hollywood and throughout the years that’s been proven more than a few times.

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