Humans Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “Episode 8”


Humans left us with a fairly disappointing finale for its premiere season on Sunday night. It was obvious at the 30-minute mark that everything was wrapping up too nicely, and I expected a much bigger twist at the end of this episode.

The beginning of the episode involved a lot of confusion for Joe and Laura. Ultimately, they teamed up with Mattie and Toby to undermine the police’s plan. Pete even showed up to help them, which was entirely strange and out of place for where he has been this entire season.

Hobb reveals his plan to turn the Synths into slaves, as he alters their free will in their rootcode. With Mattie, Pete, and Toby at work, Laura successfully blackmails Hobb into releasing Leo and the Synths. Little do they know that Fred has a tracking device installed in him, and Hobb has the ability to control him. The police easily find the group again, but they shut off Fred and make a run for it.

Leo asks Karen to meet up with them to save Max. Ultimately, Karen joined them, and almost destroyed the group completely. That moment was thrilling and bizarre; it looked like a scene right out of a surrealist painting.

While they were able to fix Max, Hobb still has control over Fred. The group is forced to leave Fred behind due to a failsafe Hobb installed in his rootcode.

They successfully revive Max, and I cheered, because he is such a light and fun personality, it was good to have him back. Niska gives the code to create more conscious Synths to Laura (or so it appears), and they all decide what to do next. Mia, Max, and Leo plan to stick together, but Niska declares that she wants to live her own life posing as a human. This is where I presume she took the code for conscious Synths.

In the end, Laura and Joe’s family get along better than before, and it’s almost sweet. However, this season finale left a lot to be desired for a show in its premiere season. The sixth episode of this season was by far the best, and this episode did not come close to that. With the renewal of Humans for a second season, I am worried that the quality of the content will become lower, and even the progress of the plot will be slower. I suspect the upcoming season will explore Niska’s attempt to create more conscious Synths. Where does that leave Joe, Laura, and the kids? I would be interested in a time jump where Mattie is much older, hacking into Synths and helping Niska, but otherwise, their story seems over. I am interested in where AMC will take Humans, but there is a strong possibility the show will falter during its sophomore season.

[Photo via AMC]

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