How Real is Snowflake Mountain?

How Real is Snowflake Mountain?
How Real is Snowflake Mountain?

credit: Netflix

Assuming that a reality show is fake and scripted is way too easy these days, and it’s not surprising at all to think that Snowflake Mountain would be any different. After all, how could any parent trick their child into thinking that they’re heading off to a resort when in reality, they’re sending them out to the woods to learn a few valuable life lessons? There’s a particular guilty pleasure felt by those who have worked for nearly everything they have in their lives to watch the spoiled and entitled being made to clean up after themselves now and then. It’s entertainment, pure and simple, but surprisingly, most of the moments in this Netflix show were quite accurate, as it’s been relayed by the individuals who took part in it. Some might still scoff and say that, of course, people would claim that things aren’t scripted to maintain kayfabe. But it would appear that this show was quite natural and that these young individuals are simply entitled. That part is relatively easy to believe in a big way. 

How Real is Snowflake Mountain?

credit: Netflix

Each participant had their own issues, but some were worse than others. 

I’m certain that I’m not alone in the cringe that comes when thinking of how indeed entitled people can be at times, especially when their parents have made it possible for them to think that they’re the center of their own universe and everyone else’s. But to their credit, most participants did appear to learn a lesson when it came to taking care of themselves and caring about others. There are instances in which it becomes obvious that each of them does care about people, but in the beginning, it’s tough to think that any of them think beyond their own desires when it comes to living. The constant whining and complaining that is heard at the show’s beginning are rather amusing since if it is real, then it indicates that some people need a great deal of help to survive on their own. 

For being so entitled, the participants do manage to shut up and learn at some point. 

Well, most of them get the hint at some point. It took a few of them long to realize that silence is golden at times, especially if it helps them to listen and learn. Solomon appears to be one of the only individuals that doesn’t learn much during his time in the camp since his entitled attitude continues to exert itself up until he decides to leave. To say that Matt and Joel were playing fast and loose with the rules and the conditions under which one of the participants would win fifty thousand dollars is easy enough, but to think that they were going to penalize these young people that harshly on Netflix feels kind of ridiculous. If one is really being honest, these individuals didn’t face much danger since there were people on standby ready to take them back to civilization if they had any serious issues, as happened with Carl near the end of the show during the trek up the mountain the group took. Hey, give Carl some credit; he was willing to keep going, even if it would have been a bad decision. 

How Real is Snowflake Mountain?

credit: Netflix

Reality TV has soured a lot of people when it comes to believing anything. 

The truth is that cameras are so often used for anything and everything, those seeking to entertain people have hobbled their efforts since many people no longer want to be fooled and will refuse to believe anything they see unless someone states that is very real. Even the idea that the young people who went through with the show are stating that it was really doesn’t convince everyone. There didn’t appear to be any special effects, there were many moments that didn’t appear as though they were scripted, and yet, there were moments that felt as though they weren’t quite as candid as some would claim they were. It’s tough to tell in an era when everything is being filmed, and one has to question how much of it is for show and how accurate it is. 

All in all, Snowflake Mountain was good for a lot of laughs. 

From a personal standpoint, it was kind of an irritating show to be fair, since realizing that there are entitled brats like this out in the world is disheartening. What it means is that not only are the kids failing themselves with an attitude of superiority that makes no sense, their parents failed them, to begin with by allowing it to form. At least one thing can be said; nature can remind us that we’re no better than anyone else when all the materialistic garbage is stripped away. 

Is it real? Maybe. The better question is this: who cares?

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