How People Have Been Reacting to the Mulan Coming to Disney Plus News

Liu Yifei

A lot of people don’t appear to be too happy with the decision that Disney has made to bring Mulan to streaming for an additional cost of $30, but several of them are complaining more about the facts of the movie that have been known since before the release was delayed and the movie was even finished filming. Many are citing the fact that Mushu and the musical numbers have been removed, stating that this was helped to make the animated version of Mulan. Viewers in China however had their own reasons when it came to not caring for the movie, as it was considered to be less than accurate to the true legend of Mulan. Overall the idea that the movie has been accurate or inaccurate hasn’t kept it from being highly anticipated by many individuals despite the lack of music and favorite characters that some feel was disrespectful to the culture and the overall story. But the idea that Disney+ is now asking for an added charge to watch the movie when fans have been waiting so long to see the movie in theaters is getting mixed to a negative reaction from quite a few people. Whether this is just a knee-jerk reaction or something that Disney might regret has yet to be seen, but if subscriptions start being charged the extra $30 then it will be evident that it was just a quick reaction to something that people weren’t expecting.

To be certain it is and isn’t a surprise that more movies haven’t gone to streaming at this point. It is a surprise since one would think that after spending so much time and effort on these movies that should have been out by now that studios would want to keep their fans happy and appeased so as to keep their loyalty. But that’s imagining a level of altruism on the part of said studios that may or may not exist, as it’s been seen too often in the past that studio execs only care insofar as whether people are willing to spend money on the movies their companies make. The idea of loyalty is bound up with dollar signs quite often since the execs know too well that people will flock to their movies regardless of whether or not they release a movie on time or if they have to delay, and it’s likely that this is what they’re counting on at this point as they allow the finished products to languish thanks to the inability of so many theaters to open up. The typical blockbuster summer has belonged primarily to drive-in movie theaters, which might actually experience a jump in business if studios were able to allow their movies to be shown in such venues. But instead, we’re being given older movies that many people still happen to enjoy since it’s not just a chance to see an old favorite now and again, but it’s a way to get out and have a good time as well.

Mulan isn’t the only big movie that’s had to delay its release, as Black Widow and several others have had to be pushed back time after time as well, but Mulan is the only movie at this point that has finally been pushed to streaming, and if not for the $30 charge that’s being tacked on to the movie, for subscribers only no less, it might have been met with at least some approval since the exclusion of Mushu and the musical numbers have already alienated some fans. Others were willing to give the movie a look, but the fact that it’s going to come with an added cost might turn a lot of people off since paying for the service is, in the eyes of many, enough to believe that the movie should simply be added to the streaming service without anything extra coming out of pocket. In all fairness the Mouse House is looking to make a profit off of the movie, as there’s nothing coming in at the moment without the movies going to the big screen, meaning that financially Mulan is at this moment a huge failure given that the movie hasn’t been able to pull in anything really. The company has to make something off of the movie, but when it comes to this kind of cost to the people there are a lot of folks that are already ready to tell the Mouse House where it can put Mulan, especially those that happened to love the animated version.

More movies might have to go to streaming eventually if they want to do anything, and Disney and other studios might have to eat the loss or find another way to promote their movies and earn their money back. But a stiff charge such as the one Disney+ is proposing isn’t winning over a lot of fans at this point.

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