How Much Do Dancing With the Stars Celebs Get Paid?

How Much Do Dancing With the Stars Celebs Get Paid?

How Much Do Dancing With the Stars Celebs Get Paid?

Let’s be honest and say that dancing might seem like it’s the easiest thing in the world but when you really get down to it the training and rehearsals aren’t all that simple. You do have to be in decent shape to make this work, but getting $295,000 for a few months worth of work doesn’t seem like it’d be anything that any of us would refuse. That kind of money is, as Abi Travis of Distractify has reported, something that a lot of people would gladly run towards. Think about this, you get to dance in front of a worldwide audience and you get paid in a few months what a lot of people don’t even make in two to three years, so who in the world would turn this down? The only thing is that it does pay to be a well-known dancer or a celebrity that can at least move in the manner that they require, so just wanting it that bad isn’t quite enough.

As you can imagine getting on the show requires actually being a star. So sorry to dash any dreams, but a person has a long road to travel before getting on that stage. Getting into the audience might be possible if you make a request and are selected by the studio. It’s not something you just look at and purchase a ticket for like a basketball game, but it does seem like an experience since it would be worth it in some cases. That opinion might vary from person to person since some folks might not really value the show as much as others, but according to its popularity it might be safe to say that being an audience member might be something that a lot of people would actually appreciate. But to be honest watching people dance is definitely a niche that has been picked up on and has been run with for years now since it’s never really gone away and has been quite popular with a lot of viewers.

Plus, thinking about how much the dancers get paid seems kind of insane since the only people that seem to take a pay cut would be those that are making millions already and come on the show to make more of an impact in their career than anything else. Sean Spicer, if you can remember him at this point, actually made more on the show than he did per year when he was working in DC. That seems like a no-brainer to a lot of people since quite honestly it’s the type of gig that a lot of people would happily go towards if they’re physically able and have enough rhythm to really make it work. There have been some stars on the show that people have been less than impressed with and those that seem as though they might have participated simply because they needed to get paid, but the overall draw of the show is different for a lot of people since from a personal standpoint if I want to see dancing on TV then it’d better be in a musical or a dance-themed movie. There’s just something about watching people dance in this manner, for a competition, that’s less than appealing since they might enjoy it, they might be all about the dance, but at the end of the day it’s more or less a competition to win for bragging rights. To each their own, it’s just not my kind of show.

That being said, Dancing With The Stars is a show that a lot of people were surprised by when it became famous, as Jennifer M. Wood of Mental Floss would attest to. It’s also had its fair share of controversy and even a bit of behind the scenes drama since not everyone is going to get along so famously. The smiling faces and easy grace and poise that some dancers and stars display is more of a show than anything as Kate Gosselin proved a while back when she tried to manipulate the voting and nearly managed to send her dancing partner around the bend. In a big way this show is just that, another show that a lot of stars treat as their personal stomping grounds, which means that as nice or nasty as they are anywhere else this show isn’t going to change that. Thankfully a lot of the stars that come on this show seem willing to cooperate and be a part of the show rather than let their egos and attitudes take over. Some of them likely make a great deal more than this one show would afford them, but for the most part a lot of them just get in there and dance and have an all-around good time without the drama.

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