How Many Property Brothers Shows Are There?

When Drew and Jonathan Scott decided to choose real estate as their career paths, they most probably did not think that it would open doors for them to be personalities that homeowners look forward to in the hopes of turning their homes into dream houses. The brothers have not gone without criticism with some claiming the show is fake, but that has not stopped Drew and Jonathan from making another show; “Property Brothers: Forever Home”. With this being their most recent production due in May how many Property Brothers shows are there? Let’s see.

1. Property Brothers

“Property Brothers” show all started with the dream of Drew to become an actor. He, therefore, auditioned for acting roles while living in Vancouver and landed on the chance to host “Realtor Idol”. Unfortunately, the show never came to be, but he must have impressed the producers because they held on to him hoping to produce “My Dream Home” in which he would host it alongside a female host. The producers, however, changed their mind after learning that Drew had a brother in real estate therefore instead of going ahead with “My Dream Home” production, they decided to develop a show featuring the two brothers hence the “Property Brothers” ended up being filmed and as they say, the rest is history.

In the series, Drew Scott, a real estate expert, looks for neglected houses and negotiates a buying price for them while his brother, Jonathan Scott, a licensed contractor, renovates the houses. The brothers are given a strict timeline and budget which they use to work on homes that need repair to turn them into dream homes.

2. Buying and Selling

The title summarizes what the show is all about, buying a home and selling one. The brothers, therefore, are tasked with different responsibilities. For Jonathan, it is to renovate the family’s current home in a bid to secure a successful sale while for Drew, it is to look for the ideal property that will become the family’s new home, and close the deal of selling the renovated house and buying the new home.

3. Brother vs. Brother

This show was about competition, and each brother got a property of similar structure and value. They also get a team of home renovation experts such as designers and builders, the same timeline and budget of $500,000. Jonathan and Drew then mentored their teams but every week saw the poorest performing team member kicked out of the competition and the last remaining team member would win $50,000 cash. Once the renovations were complete, a real estate expert and assess would assess the overall repair and the new value of the home.

The brother whose property had the highest resale value became the winner, and in the first season, David Font is the team member who won, while Drew’s property ended up with $15,000 more property value.Season three changed to have the brothers go head-to-head with their older brother, J.D. acting as the referee. The concept is, however, the same since the goal is to increase the property value. However this time, they used their own money to purchase a house of their choice and renovate it.

At the end of every week, they faced a panel of judges who would dare the losing brother to do something; maybe dance in an all-male revue. The proceeds from the sale of the renovated homes are donated to a charitable organization, Rebuilding Together, which supports low-income homeowners.

4. Property Brothers: At Home

When Jonathan and Drew Scott decided to renovate their home in Las Vegas in time for the Scott family reunion. The brothers sold their respective homes and bought a joint property in 2011 with the sole aim of turning it into a hub for their friends and extended family. The brothers had a criteria to meet as they sought the perfect place such as proximity to the airport and when they saw a foreclosed house measuring 5400 square feet in the west of Mandalay Bay, they had to have to have. They, therefore, purchased the property for $400,000 with the goal of renovating it. The twins set the renovation budget at $2 million, and the process became the basis for their fourth show.

At first, they had thought of naming the project “The Brothers Big Reno Project” or “Property Brothers: Behind our Build”. Finally, they settled on ” Property Brothers: At Home” which became their first show to be produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment.

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