How Joker 2 Can Work Off The Success From The First Movie

New reports have seemingly confirmed that Todd Phillips will return to co-write Joker 2. First of all, it should be noted that a sequel to the 2019 movie isn’t really confirmed yet. Both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix did say that they would consider returning for a sequel if the first movie was successful. Well, as we all know, the first Joker movie was a slam dunk win for DC and a huge hit. Why wouldn’t Warner Bros. consider pursuing a sequel if the first movie made over a billion dollars at the box office? Well, I feel like many fans, including me, would say that the sequel isn’t really necessary. Then again, was a solo Joker movie even necessary to begin with? That’s something the naysayers should consider.

But let’s talk about the success of the Joker movie and discuss whether or not if it can carry on with a sequel. First of all, no matter what kind of movie it is, the way they spawn sequels is by breaking even at the box office. Now if a movie makes much more at the box office than expected, then the studios will naturally try to develop a sequel. They know people will see it and if it makes more money than the first, then we’re talking about building a franchise. That’s just how the movie business works.

When it comes to the Joker movie Todd Phillips gave us in 2019, it was a comic book movie unlike any other. The movie wasn’t just about the archenemy of Batman courting anarchy and chaos around Gotham City. In fact, Batman wasn’t even in the movie. Oddly enough, Todd Phillips chose to have the setting of this movie take place during Bruce Wayne’s childhood. The young Bruce Wayne himself was hardly in the movie, but it wasn’t about him. Well, except for that brief set up for his journey to becoming Batman in the end.

Will Joker 2 be about the now adult Batman in the universe fighting a much older Joaquin Phoenix Joker? That would be super crazy, but pretty awesome. If that does happen, Joaquin Phoenix can still be playing the part, but he’s got to look older. I say don’t replace him, just use some make-up and a little CGI to make him look older. It’s certainly possible, and let’s face it, his performance as Arthur Fleck was way too phenomenal to not be seen again.

That’s probably the main reason I want Joker 2 to happen. Just the crazy brilliant acting of Joaquin Phoenix. The first movie was all about the origins, and now that Arthur Fleck has fully embraced and accepted his role as the Joker, the sequel focus completely on him just being the clown prince of crime. I remember when rumors of the sequel were first floating around and thought that it would work as a kind of rise to power story for Arthur Fleck. The first movie ended with him being imprisoned, but he also attracted many like-minded followers. He basically became the rat king of the lowlifes of Gotham City. They were willing to kill and burn the city down for him, not to mention release him from police custody. Arthur Fleck may have became a prisoner in the end, but he gathered quite the cult following.

That’s the kind of story Joker 2 can work with. Yes, it should once again be about Joker and not about his destined encounter with Batman.

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