Is the Movie “In Time” Another Matrix Simulation?

Is the Movie “In Time” Another Matrix Simulation?

Is the Movie “In Time” Another Matrix Simulation?

Quite a few things can be chalked up to being a product of the Matrix, and it’s become quite a popular way to look at things. The Matrix is the type of story that can be used as an explanation for just about anything, and while a lot of people might not remember the movie ‘In Time’ with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, the movie is still one of those that deserves at least a little respect for coming up with something that has high stakes and an interesting look at life and how fast it really goes. Just in case anyone needs a refresher, the movie is centered around the idea that people have been engineered to have a set amount of time, as they don’t age past 25, and time has become a currency as well as a necessity. A day’s work earns so much time, but everything that a person needs to survive costs, you guessed it, time. Five minutes for that, ten minutes for that, every last thing that one needs, be it a cup of coffee to get going in the morning to a roll of toilet paper, costs minutes to hours of one’s life. 

The reason this is easy to imagine as a part of the Matrix is that it feels like something the machines might have implemented as another type of program that could be used to observe and analyze human beings. With all the programs running within the Matrix it’s fair to say that the machines might have tried many different things to better understand humanity and what makes people tick. Plus, it’s very easy to imagine that with so many locations around the world, the machines would end up creating different programs that would perform in different ways. It’s a harder life than one can imagine when a person has to be fully aware of every second that’s ticking by, especially given that being poor takes on an entirely new meaning, while being rich means that one can essentially be deemed immortal. 

Just imagine if the Matrix was divided into subdivisions around the world with different programs running independently of each other and no one having any knowledge of various programs since the simulation is meant to override any sense that humans might have that something is wrong. There are plenty of arguments and plot holes to this theory that could be easily filled in and solved, but it’s interesting to think that the Matrix would be akin to one giant lab experiment as the machines continued to search for what makes a human being a unique individual. The explanation of why the machines need humans is for the bioelectricity that’s produced, but what if there’s more to it than that? It would be insanely interesting to delve into the Matrix from many different angles and determine if there’s only one massive world within the Matrix that houses an untold number of different oddities, or if there are more several Matrix simulations that range in size and scope. In that scenario, it’s very possible that we’d be able to see that the Matrix would be every bit as confusing and diverse as the real world, and this theory would easily be possible. 

Perhaps by creating such a simulation the machines might be able to ascertain what humans would do when placed in such a situation as this and how this might change or somehow alter their humanity. It’s easy to imagine that the Matrix is always changing and always evolving to make itself better, more efficient, and far more capable of keeping and maintaining its power source. This might be one of the worst ideas to come up with when testing human beings and how they interact with each other, but it would be one of the millions of ideas that could be implemented to determine how people would survive and what lengths they would go to in order to be the last person standing or to save another. One thing about humanity is that we’re a bunch of very difficult to manage individuals that want different things, dream of different things, and are constantly shifting with public opinion or following along because someone tells us to. To a machine, that feels as though it would be very confusing, and that’s why the machines would need more than one way to figure us out.

Hence, the various simulations that people come up with that might be related to the Matrix. Imagining that there’s a world in which people would live like this is horrific, but from a scientific standpoint, it’s easy to think that it might yield a lot of results. It’s just one of many ideas that could be used to study human beings, and it’s one of the most effective since one thing that people never have enough of is time, and this does affect how we live in a big way. 

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