This is The Winner of the 15-Second Horror Film Challenge

This is The Winner of the 15-Second Horror Film Challenge

So this is the winner of the 15-second horror challenge. I had no idea there was such a thing but now that I’ve seen it I have to say that it’s kind of creepy and after watching a few more of them it’s extremely impressive. Think about how long fifteen seconds is. That’s barely long enough to say more than a few words or do more than a couple of quick actions. If your sequence is quick enough it might be possible to show quite a bit in fifteen seconds but really there isn’t a lot of time to impress in that short amount of film.

You might not think it’s possible to scare a person in fifteen seconds but it’s a little easier than you think. A good scare can take a matter of turning around realizing that the ill feeling you’ve been getting for the past minute or so is because of the psychotic killer that’s been breathing down your neck for that long. One good scream, or at least the start of one, is all you need and then you might have a hatched or a machete buried in the space where your face used to be. In the case of the girl in the video it’s just long enough to instigate a quarrel with her friend and then, upon turning her back, have her skull be crushed by a heavy rock.

That seems inordinately brutal but for a horror movie it’s right on par. Kids can be psychopaths too remember. There’s no set age at which the brain can start wiring itself in a way that might allow a child to become somehow violent and willing or even eager to kill. Let’s be fortunate that as babies none of us were able to pick up a knife or a rock and take after those that weren’t doing what we wanted, otherwise the human race might have ended long ago. This might be a work of fantasy but it’s still disturbing to see this kind of behavior in kids since the idea that it could happen and has in the past is creepy enough.

Horror movies are meant to shock, to frighten, and course to horrify the viewer. There are subjects that some people obviously have an issue with but there is always that one immutable truth that stands between people and the violence that’s on TV or in films. You don’t have to watch.

Yeah, of course it’s disturbing to see kids take after each other or after adults with this kind of reckless abandon, seeming not to care that there might be consequences to their actions. But that’s part of what makes a great horror movie, that the killer never seems to understand that in the heat of the moment the consequences will still be there when the moment is over. That element is part of what makes horror such a great genre, there is no thought when the act is being committed in many cases, and it provides a viewing experience that is free of morality and inhibition.

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