How I Met Your Mother Recap: Romeward Bound


To Rome with Love: Lilly and Marshall seem to have settled nicely into their lives — at home and work. That is until The Captain announces to Lilly that he is moving to Rome for a year and wants Lilly to go with him.  Lilly is hesitant, after all they did just build a Shake Shack on their block.

When Lilly calls Marshall to tell him the big news he says he is really busy and has to go. Lilly realizes
exactly what moving to Rome would mean. She would be in high society and loving it while Marshall would be a full time stay at home Dad who apparently wears a trashy tank top while trying to feed an always fussy Marvin and attempts to make pasta and watches Italian Price is Right.

Lilly can’t do that to Marshall so she calls The Captain to say she can’t take him up on the offer, her dream job is over.

A now unemployed Lilly heads to Marshall’s work to see him. She gets there to find Marshall building a house of cards. She can’t believe that was the important project he was working on when she called him earlier. Marshall admits they haven’t had a client at their firm for months.

Lilly: Where’s Cootes?
Marshall: He’s holed up in a bomb shelter in Colorado waiting for the apocalypse and tending to his herb garden.

Lilly is pissed. She turned down The Captain for this? Marshall insists he would love to go to Rome. He is going to talk to The Captain’s right now to get her job back.

Later Lilly is upstairs in the apartment listening to Robin, Barney and Ted recount their day when The Captain calls offering Lilly the job in Rome again. She thanks him but declines. Her friends can’t believe it. Lilly makes up a bunch of excuses as to why she can’t go and then she comes clean, what if they move to Rome and Lilly doesn’t have what it takes to be an art consultant in Europe. Her life in New York is comfortable. She doesn’t even think Marshall is excited about Italy. However Marshall is in Little Italy at that moment dressed as The Godfather — so that means he’s pretty excited.

On the stoop that night Marshall and Lilly are talking about why she keeps turning down her dream job. Lilly says she is scared; she likes where they are and what they have. They don’t know anything about Italy. Marshall surprises Lilly by starting to speak in Italian. Well not exactly Italian, he repeats the same sentence over and over. The one sentence he knows. “Come on, bro. Don’t Bogart all the Funyuns.”

Marshall says sure leaving New York will be a little scary but they will be together so it will be good. Lilly says they are going to Rome.

The Body: Barney and Ted are at the bar when Ted sees a pretty blonde in a huge coat. She is in Ted’s yoga class and has and I quote, “a redonkulous body.” So of course Ted is in love. Barney loses patience waiting for hot yoga chick to take her coat off so he slips Carl some money to turn the heat up in the bar. Barney is starting to get very obsessed with hot yoga chick and the fact that she won’t take her coat off when Robin shows up. She hugs hot yoga chick and Barney thinks this means hot yoga chick is going to be coming back to their place for a threesome. Is that really what guys think the moment two hot girls hug in a public place? Robin brings Liddy (hot yoga chick) over to the table to introduce her. She is their wedding planner.

At the bar Liddy is going over wedding details with Robin and Barney while Ted looks on creepily. She gets up to go to the bathroom and Robin wants to know what is going on with them. Barney tells Robin about the redonkulous body. As it turns out Robin has been wondering the same thing. She wants Liddy to take the coat off too. This right here is why she and Barney make a good couple.

Robin is also curious as to why Ted hasn’t asked Liddy out and he said he tried but then she took the coat off and he was completely speechless. It was too much for him.

Liddy gets back from the bathroom and Barney comes out and asks her if she wants to take off her coat, she says sure. She takes the coat off and Robin and Barney are as amazed and speechless as Ted was the first time.

Later that night, Barney and Ted are back at the bar where Barney is going on and on about Liddy. Ted warns Barney that while Robin is in fact cool there is an extent to how cool she will be. He is worried Barney is taking this too far. Barney thinks Ted doesn’t know Robin better than he does and is only saying this because Ted is jealous he isn’t marrying Robin. Ted drops the subject.

Barney gets home to find Robin on the couch in nothing but a big coat. Barney turns the heat up and Robin starts to take the coat off.

What did you guys think of the episode? And just how much do you adore Mircea Monroe who played Liddy?

How I Met Your Mother airs 8/9c on CBS.


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