10 Things You Didn’t Know about HGTV’s “Houses with History”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about HGTV’s “Houses with History”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about HGTV’s “Houses with History”

When the people behind the scenes at HGTV have an idea for a new show, you can count on the fact that it’ll be entertaining. “Houses with History,” is the newest show in the lineup, and it’s one that is going to have people tuning in to see what it’s all about. The show focuses on homes that are, well, older. We are not talking about homes that were built in the 80s, either. We are talking about homes in Massachusetts that were built centuries ago. Designers are restoring these once-fabulous homes to their former glory, and we are here for it. Here is everything you need to know.

1. This Show is Created by an NKOTB

What does a former New Kid on the Block have in common with houses built in the 1700s? He’s the creator of the show. Former NKOTB Jonathan Knight came up with the idea when he was on “Farmhouse Fixer,” watching a couple work on a property. He may not have realized when he told the couple they should have their own show that it would happen immediately and that he’d get his own spot on the first episode of the new series.

2. Some People Are Offended by the Premise

When the show came out with the description, “built by our forefathers,” some people decided they’re offended. Social media watchdogs went on the offensive claiming the show is promoting slavery being that slavery was legal in the 1700s when many of the homes the show features were built.

3. Meet the Married Couple Who Host

The owners of Full Circle Homes are Mike Lemieux and Jen MacDonald, and they also happen to be a happily married couple in addition to being business partners. Their business is focused on remodeling homes, and now they’re even more niche as they focus on remodeling homes built around the same time the USA was born.

4. Mike Lemieux is A Geek

You heard it here first, but not really. He’s a self-described History Geek, and there’s nothing about that shocking to anyone. History is fascinating, and it’s so interesting. The work, the craftsmanship, the materials, and everything else used to create these homes; it’s all amazing. He loves it, and this is a show that really brings him a sense of joy.

5. This Show Wants to Educate

Here is what is really cool about this show as a whole – the show wants to teach. The hosts want people to find history exciting, interesting, and something worthy of learning more about. Sure, the past is in the past, and we should all let go of what we cannot change, but how do we let go of what we cannot change if we don’t learn from the mistakes of those who lived before us? We can look back at the way people built, lived, and worked in the 1700s and say to ourselves, “We can learn from that, and we can do better,” and that’s why history is so important – and why we all need to embrace it. Mistakes are meant to be learned from.

6. When and Where to Watch

Perhaps you missed the 78 times we mentioned the show airs on HGTV? If not, you probably do want to know on what night and at what time. This show airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm (EST) on HGTV.

7. Our Happily Married Hosts Went to School Together

What is so fun about the hosts of this show is not just that they are married and own a business together – it’s that they went to school together. They grew up in the same town, at the same time, but they were not a couple. They reunited much later, but they’re making up for lost time these days.

8. It Took 7 Months

What’s so cool about this show is that it took seven months to film the renovation process of six homes that will be featured. Each home is unique, built long ago, and comes with its own unique set of different issues, exciting features, and fun. It’ll be a blast to watch.

9. They Will Struggle

No television is good without some kind of drama and nail-biting, right? This one is going to give it to you full force. Building codes in the 1700s were a little different than building codes today (electricity, anyone?). Things are different, and they’ve progressed substantially since, and that means these designers have a lot to work with and to fight with as they restore the glorious homes of the 1700s.

10. The Hosts have Chemistry

We certainly are glad that they do, too. Imagine being a married couple without any. These two, and the third host, Rich Soares the carpenter, are a great team. All three work together well, and they each bring their own perspective to the mix.New Kid on the Block

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