20 HGTV Shows That Don’t Exist Yet But Should

Fans of HGTV are those who enjoy do it yourself projects around the home, or who dream of turning their love of landscaping or home repair into a productive business. home and Garden TV, otherwise known as HGTV currently features reality shows that focus upon finding homes that are in need of repair and making them, flipping houses for a living, finding lakefront homes for a good price, living abroad, landscaping yards and things that deal with finding homes that are either good bargains, or fixing up those in need of a lot of tender loving care. Although there are some great shows already on the channel, there is an endless list of topics that viewers would love to see turned into new shows, so here are 20 HGTV shows that don’t exist yet but probably should.

1. Fences and Privacy Hedges

Here’s an idea for HGTV that hasn’t been done before. There are a lot of homeowners who have nosy or annoying neighbors. Quite often, there is no place for them to hide in order to enjoy their own yards without being spied on or disturbed by neighbors. There are a few ways to deal with nosy neighbors, and one of them is to build a fence, or a privacy hedge. For the sake of entertainment, wouldn’t it be great for the show to feature some of the most attractive and unique ways to set up a fence or some type of hedge made out of shrubs, vines or trees? We think that the problem is something most homeowners have dealt with at some point in their lives and it might just end up being a bit hit with viewers.

2. Shop Masters

There are so many different things you can do when you build a customized shop/garage. There are a lot of really interesting shop designs out there that feature handy work spaces, extra storage, combination shop/garages, and some have even been converted into home theaters. A great show for HGTV would be one that features interesting ways to either convert old garage areas into fantastic multi purpose shops as we’ve seen on Pinterest.

3. Fantasy Swamp Homes

Building a home on swamp land or buying a home that exists in swampy or marshy areas brings about its own set of challenges, but there are also some great possibilities for landscaping and building unique structures. An HGTV show that focuses on how to make your home on swampy or marshy land attractive and functional would be of interest to viewers who own property in this type of geographical location or who are considering buying a home in swamp land.

4. Mansion overhaul

A show that focuses on mansions which have become dilapidated and restored would be fascinating for DIY enthusiasts as well as for people who love big homes and can’t afford a mansion that is market ready. Scouting for old mansions that have been repossessed, are in poor condition and offered for a fraction of their former market value would be a great new addition for the HGTV channel. According to Katie Warren, there are a few out there and we’d like to see what a team of talented renovators could do with a few of them. What would really be great is if they focused on 3 mansions per season and took us room through room with the remakes, as well as the landscaping on the outside of the home, so we could look forward to seeing the transformation on a weekly basis.

5. The Green House

With a renewed focus on making our homes environmentally friendly, a show that focuses on how to make renovations and updates on homes to make them as green as possible would likely be a big hit with those of us who favor conservation and eco-friendly approaches to living. There are so many different ways to improve energy efficiency, to switch to a cleaner source of power and to cut down on the footprint that we leave on the earth through everyday living. Blue and Green Tomorrow has some great ideas on their site.

6. So You Want a Smart Home?

Technology has advanced so far that we can now use our smartphones to control most electronics in the home, and we can do it remotely from anywhere we have a signal. There are some amazing new technologies that can turn any home into a smart home as seen in the New York Times. We think that a show that converts a variety of different houses into smart homes would not only be entertaining, but it would be so interesting that viewers wouldn’t want to miss out on an episode because with the rate that new smart products are coming out, they would likely miss out on some really great ideas.

7. From Eyesore to English Garden

There are a lot of people who admire the aesthetics of a well-done English Garden, but they don’t know where to begin. A show that features a drab looking cottage in need of repair, and transforms the otherwise bleak surroundings into a lovely English garden before the eyes of the viewers would be highly interesting. There are a lot of different approaches that can be taken to accomplishing this and it would be great to watch the crew transform a new home each week and make it a showpiece instead of an eyesore. Country Living has some great ideas to get started.

8. Architectural Adventures with Glass

What can you do with a flair for architecture and unlimited ways to use stained and decorative window glass? A show that specializes in creating showcase homes out of drab and dull houses by adding new window treatments could show the world how making just a few adjustments can give a home a brand new personality with enhanced curb appeal and a new ambiance.

9. Wrought Iron: Form and Function

There are thousands of ways that you can use wrought iron to make a home unique and aesthetically pleasing while increasing the security factor at the same time. A show that features homes with customized wrought iron furniture, wall decor, lighting, fences, sculptures and more would be interesting for viewers who love the possibilities that this decorative yet functional material can be used to enhance a home’s security and eye appeal. Home Stratosphere has a few good ideas for starters.

10. Ranch Rehab

Have you ever driven by an old ranch with dilapidated buildings and a complete takeover of weeds? Some of these places have gone too far beyond the point of redemption, but others can still be saved if there is someone who is interested in giving them a rehab. A show that finds old properties that are run down and in need of rescue would make an interesting show. There are abandoned ranches here in the United States that are being left to the elements, but with some hard work, a flair for design and a willing team, it would be fascinating to watch the transformation from an old eyesore into a functional ranch for flipping like this one.

11. Make My House Rock

Another great home show for HGTV would focus on homes made of rock or at least a rock facade. There are a lot of people who love the look of stone homes because they have a natural element. Show that goes in search of the most unique rock houses would be of interest at least to a niche segment of the population.

12. Stacked and stupendous

An HGTV show that features unique multi-level homes with interesting architecture would be another show that many viewers would find interesting. There are so many custom built homes in the world that never receive attention outside of their local communities that it would be truly amazing to find out just how creative some architects have been with using unique architecture styles and multiple levels.

13. Keeping it Vintage

Homes which are currently on the national historical register in their cities must be restored in accordance with very strict rules or the owners face the penalty of losing this distinction. There are pros and cons to buying a home on the register if you want to keep it there. A show that focuses strictly on helping homeowners who’s homes are either on the register and in need of repairs and updates or who are eligible for registration would be very interesting and educational as the regulations in each locality tend to vary to some degree.

14. The Xerophyte Zone

An interesting challenge that homeowners in desert areas face is landscaping. When water is in short supply, it can be tough to do much with the landscaping, that is unless you happen to know everything that is possible about Xerophytes and how to get the most out of this knowledge by using them in unique landscaping schemes. This would be an interesting show that would take some of the information found here, and transform dry and drab looking yards into beautiful creations.

15. Home Biz

A show that features a group of organizers and architects who help people with home businesses to create highly functional office spaces that do not interfere with home life is an other interesting idea. It’s a real problem for a lot of people and many don’t really know how to address the issue. A group of experts in key areas of organization, renovation and so forth, could focus upon this aspect of renovation and it’s something that would appeal to homeowners around the world.

16. Fixing the Farm

There are so many farms that are in need of a bit of updating. Often, farmers are so busy that they don’t take the time to do some really simple things that would make their wives much happier with the landscape or the appearance of the house and outbuildings. A show that features a farm that has seen better days, receiving a complete makeover to make it more highly functional and aesthetically pleasing would be an excellent addition to the HGTV lineup. We learned on SF Gate that remodeling a farm house can bring with it some unique challenges but there are also some excellent opportunities that people want to hear about.

17. Guts and Glory

There are some homes that are not well laid out or very efficient in terms of function. In some cases, areas are walled off, giving a place an awkward space arrangement. In some situations, gutting a house, taking out walls and creating new and larger spaces can transform it from a white elephant into a highly functional home that is far more attractive. A show that focuses on gutting poorly designed homes and creating a new floor plan would be fascinating. Houseworks calls this a “renovation intervention.”

18. Artists and Organizers

Another great idea for an HGTV show would focus on organizing homes that are not very functional with a focus on practicality in the kitchen and laundry areas. There are some really interesting ways to reconfigure kitchen, laundry and bathroom spaces for better efficiency and convenience, and Woman’s Day magazine has some great ideas to get started.

19. Decks and Dreams

An HGTV show that shows how adding new decks and patios to a home can change the looks and comfort levels. Dreamy new and unique deck designs are something that most homeowners would be interested in. A new deck can also add to the value of a home as well as making it more beautiful as seen in Houzz.

20. The Luxury Suite

There is a market for luxury home renovations. There are so many amazing premium materials and appliances out there that the ways that you can turn the average or boring home into a luxury showcase home. This would be a great show for HGTV and it would be especially great if the home renovations featured luxury upgrades on a budget, or at least show how to get the appearance of a luxury home for less money, similar to the ideas thrown out by Formica.

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