Hooray ! The Voice Season 12 has Comeback Artists! Now, Guess Who?

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Talk about great news! The Voice season 11 didn’t have them, but The Voice season 12 has Comeback Artists! Thank goodness! One of the things that have been hard is that some of the best talent did leave the show early.

The promo for the comebacks is filled with clips of some of the performers that could be returning. How many possibilities do you see?


I see about six artists in this video, but each coach can only bring back one singer. On top of this, there’s no guarantee that any of the people in the promo are the ones returning.

So, how might we guess who’s coming back to The Voice season 12?  Well. there are some spoiler rumors floating around, but are they accurate?  Who knows.  Still, let’s plug those in and take a look at the original teams.  Then check out the current teams and see what lane each team is missing. Finally, think about coaches and their particular tastes.  Do these choices make sense?

Team Adam

The Voice Season 12 has Comeback Artists - Who will it be from Team Adam

Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC

Who I’d love to see back on The Voice this season: Gaby Borromeo.  Who would be smart to bring back: Kawane DeBose.  Who’s likely coming back: Johnny Hayes

Looking at coach Adam Levine‘s team the first thing that jumps out is that he’s got no one in the r&b lane.  The second is that he’s got two women and three men.  However, you could also look at it as three pop singers and two rock singers….

Adam wouldn’t have paired Gaby and Mark Isaiah in the first place if he wanted two polished pop singers.  With Kawane Adam loved his voice, but hated the attitude Kawane had.  There’s no way he’s going to reward that.  Autumn could work as a swing between r&b and pop,  That leaves Johnny, who didn’t make it onto season 11 but was asked to come back.  Johnny he’ll have three rock artists to balance the pop music. plus a great made-for-television story about Johnny’s comeback.

Team Alicia

The Voice Season 12 has Comeback Artists - Who will it be from Team Alicia

Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC

Who I’d love to see back on The Voice this season: Missy Robertson.  Who would be smart to bring back: Jack Cassidy.  Who’s likely coming back: Jack Cassidy

Missy is someone who’s rocker-edged voice really came alive in her battle with Anatalia-Villaranda, so I’d really her to have a chance to do one more song.  However, coach Alicia Keys has said many times how much she loves Jack’s voice and spirit.  I like Jack as well, and besides, the team needs another guy.

Team Blake

The Voice Season 12 has Comeback Artists - Who will it be from Team Blake

Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC

Who I’d like to see back on The Voice this season: Andrea Thomas or Felicia Temple. Who would be smart to bring back: Dawson Coyle. Who’s likely coming back: Felicia Temple.

I couldn’t decide between Andrea and Felicia.   With Andrea, I feel like we really only got to see her once – and she was good.  Someone that good deserves at least one other time to be fully seen.

Then there’s Felicia..  She was a steal from team Alicia, but I always thought she was a better fit for team Blake.  Her blind audition of  “All I Could Was Cry” by Etta James had that classic 1950’s sound that can also work well with more modern country music.  Then she did that blowout pop diva performance of  “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion – and did it justice without seeming to just imitate Celine.  With Felicia it’s just that I want to see more of her!

Looking at Blake’s team and the competition, he needs a pop/rock male singer.  That would be Dawson.  His cute teen boy factor would be helpful against Adam’s frontrunner Marc.

Blake can be tricky to read.  He does love to promote country artists, but he’s got two solid country singers in Casi Joy & Lauren Duski.  As much as I think Andrea deserves another shot, I don’t think Blake wants a scenario where he might have to eliminate either of them.  That lane is just too crowded.  Blake loves country, but he also loves to win. He’s unlikely to box himself into one genre.

So, why did I go with Felicia?  Historically Blake has a soft spot for a certain kind of African-American female singer.  He loves that classic old-school sound! Dana OwensCourtney Harrell, Sisaundra Lewis – Blake championed all of these fabulous artists.  Felicia’s sound fits into this category of talent.  On the more practical front, if Vanessa Ferguson from team Alicia makes the top 12 it would be good for him to have Felicia!

Team Gwen

The Voice Season 12 has Comeback Artists - Who will it be from Team Gwen

Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC

Who I’d love to see back on The Voice this season: Brandon Royal.  Who would be smart to bring back: Davina Leone.  Who’s likely coming back: Johnny Gates.

Gwen’s got two r&b singers with JSoul and Quizz Swanigan.  Both are amazing – and clear about what they want to do musically.  She doesn’t need a third.  Selfishly though I’d like Brandon back so that he could benefit from some more coaching and direction.  I really liked his voice!

Davina would be smart because Gwen’s got Brennely Brown as her only female singer. Also, Davina is more of a pop/alternative singer and Bennely is basically a young country artist.

However, the performer that was the hardest for Gwen to let go of was Johnny.  Does Gwen need three male rock artists on her team?  No.  However,  Gwen is always talking about people needing to listen to their heart.  It seem likely her heart is what will guide her comeback pick, and that would lead her to pick Johnny.

Of course, the spoiler pick rumors could all be wrong.  (I know, something wrong from the internet? Never!)  Still, I’m glad The Voice season 12 has Comeback Artists!  There were a number of performers who deserved another shot. We’ll have to watch tonight and see who really comes back!

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