Hollywood Sex Abuse Film ‘An Open Secret’ Released Online

Oh you thought this controversy started and ended with Harvey Weinstein? Cue the buzzer, because NOPE, it goes a lot further than this. Weinstein is just the first to be targeted on this particular issue and probably won’t be the last.  It might be time for Hollywood to air out its dirty laundry and let the secrets that have been suspected for so long to finally come to light. The drug-induced parties, the sexual harassment, the inappropriate relations with young boys, all of it people. The more that comes out the more rotten the core of Hollywood might appear, but it will give more accountability to the industry and allow them to know that yes, the law does apply to them as well. Money can only carry you so far, which means that eventually it will run out and the law will be there waiting. The Open Secret, a type of expose into the secrets that Hollywood would rather remain buried, is coming online again, and it’s expected that it will begin to shine the floodlight that will cause the rats to scurry.

The Open Secret has been brought out before, but predictably every accusation that was brought forward was squashed and turned back upon the accuser. This seems to be the way things are handled when someone without as much influence dares to go up against someone else that has all the backing and all the power they need to win a case. Does that sound childish? Maybe a bit churlish? It’s got every right to be considering that those with money and power tend to lord it over others in a way that suggests that they do in fact believe that they are above the law simply because of their status. It’s about time they realized that the law does apply even if you’re rich and famous, and it will take a serious bite out of your life if you are in fact guilty.

The one worry that some people seem to have though is that the effect of shining this light on Hollywood could mean that a lot of names might get highlighted that people would be shocked to hear. It could be, it could very well happen that some of your favorite actors might have been involved in this mess when you thought they were saints. One can certainly hope that wouldn’t happen, but be prepared all the same.

It’s time for Hollywood to wake up and rejoin the world that gave birth to it so long ago. Movie stars and celebrities have ridden far too high for too long and believed themselves immune to the ways of the world that supports them. Is this a general call to mistrust them all? Nope, not at all. I’d love to be able to trust the people that we see on the screen to be fundamentally good people, but when this kind of controversy starts to unveil it’s really hard to know who’s clean and who’s going to be seen as something you might not have expected.


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