Five Disney Movies That Should Have Never Been Made

Five Disney Movies That Should Have Never Been Made

It feels a little disingenuous to say that there are any stories or movies that shouldn’t be made, but there are some movies that don’t appear to have been the best ideas at the time, either because of the societal impact they would have or because they didn’t do the studio any favors when it came to the lack of response from the audience. Disney has so many titles in their vault that it’s easy to think that a great number of them have been forgotten at this point and might not be much of an issue when thinking about them. But there are still plenty of people that remember these movies and might speak out against them for some reason or think that the Mouse House must have been desperate at some point to even consider pushing them to the public. One might want to think that some folks are just too sensitive towards certain subjects or can’t find a way to simply push on through one movie after another and remember that they’re for entertainment and not to be taken seriously. The truth though is that a lot of people, for one reason or another, can’t get past the idea that entertainment can traumatize people in a very real way.

Here are a few Disney movies that some folks figure shouldn’t have been made.

5. Song of the South

Sigh, where to start with this one? From the calls of racism and the fact that people will defend it there’s a lot of controversy with this movie that just won’t go away no matter how many people try to reason with those that are convinced that it’s one of the most problematic movies of all time. The only reason why it might have been better for Disney to leave this one on the back burner would have been to simply avoid the noise and heated discussions that have come since it was released. On top of all that the ride in Disneyland that was fashioned after it is already being changed into a Princess and the Frog ride to satisfy those that are up in arms against the theme of this movie.

4. Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

It really feels as though this movie should have been left alone since from a special effects standpoint it wasn’t that great, and the storyline was exceedingly simple but somehow just felt rushed and slapped together without really thinking it through. Of course, it gave way to another movie titled Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, and there’s been an idea to bring back Rick Moranis in order to make another movie. But seriously, the first movie was fun, it was touching, and it was adventurous in a way that was revolutionary in how it was accomplished, but it probably should have been left alone after that.

3. The Brave Little Toaster

It’s amusing really with how many animated movies are out there that this one would be able to traumatize kids. Forget about the evil queen asking for Snow White’s heart in a box, or the Queen of Hearts calling for her guards to chop off peoples’ heads, an anthropomorphic car being crushed by an equally anthropomorphic crusher was enough to ruin the day of many kids years ago when this came out. People have actively told others not to allow their kids to watch this movie, while at the same time not seeming to mind that their kids want to watch other movies that are controversial in their own ways. Yeah, if you’re rolling your eyes don’t worry, you’re not alone.

2. The Country Bears

Okay, even in Disneyland the Country Bears look creepy, and to be fair they didn’t get any better when it came to being given their own movie. Somehow they only became creepier as the movie rolled on despite the idea that they were supposed to be fun and engaging to the audience. This act should have been kept in Disneyland where it was appreciated, no offense. People enjoyed the Country Bears in the theme park and to be fair, that’s where it really belongs and where it was meant to be. There’s no desire to rag on it that much, but the movie was kind of creepy.

1. Planes: Fire & Rescue

This movie feels like it came out way too soon after the initial Planes movie and might have benefited from waiting for a while to see just whether or not the idea was going to be accepted by fans, or if it was best left alone until later on. Disney was trying to make good in the same way they did with Cars, but that particular franchise kind of stole a lot of the thunder from Planes before it could even drum up half the number of fans that Cars had attracted, and it showed.

Sometimes Disney just jumps the gun or somehow misses the point of their own movies.

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