Highlights From Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Premiere

Highlights From Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Premiere

“Big Brother” premiered its first Celebrity Edition this week on CBS and it promises to be a drama filled season. Eleven celebrity contestants are living in a “Big Brother” house under constant surveillance as they interact, strategize and compete for the $250,000 prize. Celebrities former reality stars Omarosa Manigault Newman and Brandi Glanvill, actors Keisha Knight Pulliam, Jamees Maslow, Marissa Jaret Winokur, singe Mark McGrath, former Miss America runner up Arianda Guterrez, and sports men Chuck Liddell and Metta World Peace, and E! correspondent Ross Matthews. From the first couple of episodes, “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” is going to be newsworthy.

Here are the top five moments from the premier of “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition”.


Not surprising, Omarosa Manigault Newman has already caused drama in the Big Brother house and has stirred up some controversy. The former apprentice star and ex White House staffer is a self proclaimed “Queen of the Boardroom” and noted “Drama Queen”. A couple months ago Omarosa was let go from her position as Director of Communications in the White House Office of Public Liaison. Allegedly Omarosa kept recorded all conversations at the White House and had problems with President Trump’s inner circle of advisors. On the “Big Brother” premier Omarosa described her position at the White House as “selfless service to the country”. In a discussion with Ross Matthews, Omarosa noted that she worried about President Trump’s daily tweets, and because of her criticism, she alleges she was told to keep away from the President by his close advisors. When Matthews asked if the people of the United States should be concerned, she nodded. Omarosa has also made it clear she is ready to build alliances within the house. Funny enough when Omarosa stated that “The Apprentice” was her claim to fame, James Maslow asked her who did she apprentice for?


Shannon Elizabeth, an actress from the movie “American Pie” and celebrity poker pro, has raised viewers’ eyebrows. Elizabeth was voted “Head of the Household” the first week. She also revealed that she has been good friends with Marissa Jaret Winokur, the Tony winning actress from “Hairspray”. The girls had agreed to keep their existing friendship a secret, but Shannon wasted no time letting the other girls in the house know. She also filled them in on some secrets in the hopes of forming an all-girls alliance. Maybe she’s really dedicated to the “Time’s Up” movement.

Metta World Peace

While most contestants don’t want to get evicted from the Big Brother house, it looks like Metta World Peace would welcome it. The former NBA player and a coach for the LA Lakers G-League team, didn’t seam too excited about joining the cast. He expressed concern about having time to exercise and whether or not he could bring his own equipment. The former LA Laker and New York Knicks player seems to be trying to escape the house. It’s not Metta World Peace’s (nee Ronald William Artest, Jr) first stint on a reality show. He was the first celebrity contestant eliminated on “Dancing With the Stars” in Season 13. His wife, Kimsha Artest, appeared on Season 1 of “Basketball Wives: LA”.


“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville, wasted no time being her snarky self in the “Big Brother” celebrity house. When she walked in the house, Brandi headed straight for the bar. She had promised before the show to “check her temper at the door”. However, the moment she walked in the house, Brandi headed straight for the bar. After a few glasses of wine she got catty with James Maslow who starred in Nickelodeon’s “Big Time Rush” and toured with the band. Brandi swiftly dismissed Maslow’s claims that he was a professional singer.


“Big Brother: Celebrity Edition’s” host, Julie Chen, made an announcement after the first episode. Each week, celebrity House Guests will choose a gold gift bag. They will contain special “powers” that can be used during elimination competitions. There will also be the ability to usurp the Head of the Household each week. This should help create some interesting situations this season on “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition”.

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