Why Terminator: Dark Fate’s Decision to Kill John Connor Was a Mistake

Why Terminator: Dark Fate’s Decision to Kill John Connor Was a Mistake

The Controversial Killing of John Connor

The debate surrounding Terminator: Dark Fate and its decision to kill off John Connor has been ongoing, but it’s worth revisiting as many aspects were overlooked during the film’s release. Fans were excited about the return of Edward Furlong and the prospect of seeing another version of John Connor. However, the character’s portrayal by various actors has been met with mixed reactions. Despite this, John Connor remained the savior of humanity and the key figure in the resistance. His death in the opening minutes of Dark Fate left many fans feeling betrayed, and it had more to do with familiarity than gender.

John Connor’s Importance in the Terminator Franchise

In the Terminator series, John Connor evolved from a mere name in the first film to a central character in the subsequent movies. Although the storylines varied and never quite reached the heights of Terminator 2, John Connor remained the undisputed leader of the resistance. Dark Fate attempted to rewrite history by taking place after Terminator 2 and ignoring the other films, a move that many consider a mistake on James Cameron’s part.

Dark Fate’s Missteps and the Introduction of New Characters

Dark Fate made several errors, including the introduction of Grace and Dani at the expense of the audience’s investment in John Connor. Fans had no reason to like Dani, and her character seemed unearned in the story. While the film’s plot was relatively easy to follow, the drastic change in the main protagonist was a significant risk. Unlike John, who had to grow into his role as a leader, Dani was portrayed as a capable commander almost immediately in Dark Fate.

Why Dani’s Character Failed to Resonate with Fans

The primary reason fans were bothered by Dani’s character is that she didn’t earn her place in the story. Her character’s stakes didn’t change enough, and her sudden importance felt forced. The excitement surrounding Edward Furlong’s return as John Connor was overshadowed by the lack of buildup for Dani’s character. She appeared as a paper savior, a symbol of female strength without a substantial backstory to support her role.

The Problem with Replacing John Connor

There’s nothing wrong with a woman leading the resistance, but James Cameron’s approach to replacing John Connor was flawed. Instead of easing audiences into the transition, John’s character was killed off abruptly, and Dani, Grace, and Sarah Connor were thrust together in a rushed manner. This left viewers feeling disoriented and unable to connect with the new characters. Ultimately, Terminator: Dark Fate did itself a disservice by killing John Connor in favor of Dani and Grace.

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