Here’s Why ‘Eraser: Reborn’ Will be a Dud

Here’s Why ‘Eraser: Reborn’ Will be a Dud

Here’s Why ‘Eraser: Reborn’ Will be a Dud

It’s easy to jump across the line when it comes to a reboot and a remake since there are ideas that feel as though they’re great enough to weather the treatment that reboots tend to receive from fans. Eraser was an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that wasn’t the best since it dipped so heavily into the type of action that people started to laugh at since it was so over the top when it came to every other scene. If the reboot stays clear of this then it’s fair to think that it might have a good shot at becoming something a little different and pave its own way. But so far it would appear that things are going to follow the same track that a lot of action movies have been on since the 80s and 90s. Let’s be honest and say that the original Eraser wasn’t a bad movie, but it did manage to keep digging into the idea of a nearly invincible federal agent that could do just about anything he needed to do and was able to work within the law and outside of it whenever it pleased him without consequence. 

In other words, Arnold’s character was able to do whatever the plot demanded of him since he was just that awesome. If this upcoming movie is out to do the same thing it’s bound have a slightly worse result when it comes time for the critics to have their say. But in terms of making money it’s tough to predict at this point what people want and whether or not they’ll find this movie up to their standards since those that remember the original Eraser will no doubt start the comparison right away, which isn’t a good sign for the newer movie since quite honestly, a lot of movies don’t stand a chance of topping and original movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. 

Even with Dominic Sherwood, someone that’s likely to be known by a lot of those that have been growing up since the 2000s or earlier, the movie is already looking to be something less than the original unless it’s bound to keep the core idea and do something spectacular with it. One of the several reasons this movie is bound to be a dud is that Eraser, despite being a lot of fun, was still one of the lingering action movies that tried to hold onto the idea that a single man could be an army unto himself and that the world of espionage and federal agents could be undone in a manner that feels like a slightly more complicated smash and grab. Not only that, but the fact that Vanessa Williams played the part of the individual on the inside of the illegal arms dealing that was going on was another factor that made this movie so typical, and is bound to be repeated since beautiful women in intelligent roles who can still stand up and kick a little ass when they need to is something that sells quite well to the right audience. But when this hand is overplayed it becomes insanely predictable and more than a little boring since the audience will eventually give the impression of ‘I get it, she’s sexy, smart, and tough’, but will become disillusioned with said characters since the stereotype has been used over and over. 

If this movie does well enough to be considered a success then I’ll gladly change my tune, but at the moment the fact that it’s not generating that much buzz is indication enough that it’s going to fizzle before it gets a chance to really show that it can do even a quarter of what the original movie accomplished. It does sound unfair to expect that Sherwood will be able to replicate or even come close to anything that Schwarzenegger did since Arnold in his prime was simply awesome, and the guy was shown handling two railguns at the same time, even if this image was deemed as insane and impossible given that a railgun is something that exists, but not necessarily in rifle form and not to the extent that the movie showed. So to be fair, it was a good bit of fantasy and science fiction that brought the weapons to life, but if the upcoming movie tries this then it’s bound to be a bit of a dud that the audience will pick up on simply because it’s been done before.  It’s possible that I might be wrong and that this movie might actually take off and do something great. But the belief at this time is that following in the footsteps of older movies isn’t always the best idea. If it works, then great, it will have proven a lot of people wrong. If it doesn’t, then saying ‘I told you so’ will be a little justified, no matter how childish it sounds. 

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