Here’s What it Costs to Buy the Alaska’s People’s Bush House

Reality TV shows have found a significant audience in the last decade, with many fans preferring to have this genre grace their screens. One such exciting program is the Alaskan Bush People. The show features a unique concept, following the movements of the Brown’s family as they try to survive the wilderness. The program premiered in 2014, and as at the end of 2019, it was renewed for an 11th season with a total figure of 84 episodes as at mid-January 2020. One of the standout developing stories from the series is of the Brown family living off-grid in the Alaskan wilderness.

Background Of The Show

As from Heightline, the Brown family decided to venture into the Alaskan wilderness for a home. Alaska is synonymous with rugged terrain where most of it is covered in snow. The condition of the area makes it inaccessible looking at roads and other vital amenities such as electricity. Despite the lack of these services, some families still make Alaska home, and live comfortably in the ruggedness. One such family is the Brown family, consisting of couple Billy and Ami and their seven children. The family decided to go off-grid to have a firsthand experience of the expansive Alaskan frontier. For most of the series, the family lived in the snowy environment, and it helped push the storyline of the program as being in the wilderness. The concept captured the attention of several fans, most of whom have kept up with the show until its last episode. If you are a keen follower of the show, then you know that the browns are not living in their cabin anymore. The family moved down south sometime in 2018. A compelling reason behind the move from Alaska was the cancer diagnosis of Ami Brown, the family’s matriarch, according to Nicki Swift. The news was shocking to most of the fans, especially after some brushed it off thinking it was not valid.

The House On Sale

Considering that the family moved out of their famed house in Alaska, it now unoccupied and up for grabs. With it being on sale, some fellows may be interested in the real estate. The question is how much does the Alaskan Bush People’s house cost? The house is decent and attracts an impressive price tag of $795000, as evident from Zillow. Many may argue that the price is entirely on the higher side. The following are some of the features that make the former Brown’s house worth its quoted price tag.

  • Expansive Area – One thing that hits you when you look at the house is that it sits in an expansive area. The home, perched on 29.1 acres, has a lot of space – evident in the reality TV show. If you want your own space to keep calm, then this house and its surrounding compound is a worthy consideration. The vast land also gives you an option of expansion should the need arise. You may expand the main house particularly if you have a large family such as the Browns’.
  • Exclusivity – Another thing that makes the house corresponding to its price tag is the exclusiveness factor. It is a great home to own if you prefer to have your space away from human civilization. The exclusivity was the main reason the Alaskan Bush family moved. Essential services such as medical facilities were quite far; hence the move to the south. If you enjoy your alone time, you might as well enjoy it in a calm Alaskan frontier wilderness, taking the gentle essence of the snowed environment.
  • The Scenery – Among the things that many homeowners to-be look at before making a house purchase is the landscape of the area. Aside from the snowed environs, there are two docks around and very proximal to the home. You can go to either of the docks for a fishing moment as you have a relaxing time. The view is also satisfying and photograph worthy as evident from earlier episodes of the show, before the family’s shift.
  • State Of The House – The house has been present since the first season when the family moved into this wilderness. The house still has the stability feeling when you look at it – considering it is less than a decade old, it still has several years left in it. It is large and suitable if you have a big family or lots of items that you may want to store. The association with a celebrity family makes it a good investment if you are into the real estate business. Additionally, it gives the adventure essence to whoever resides in it, looking at its off-the-grid tag.

Is The Price Worth It?

Still focusing on the Alaskan Bush People’s house value, the question is if the price is worth it. While it may be higher compared to other regions to the country, its features step up to defend its cost. A supporting feature is the land which is roughly 30 acres in area. So yes, it is worth it, and presents you with an excellent investment or a place to call home far from civilization.


The Alaskan Bush Family comprising of the Browns brought a unique concept to reality television focusing on living off the grid. They showcase their survival skills in Alaska’s wilderness though some followers of the show claim it is scripted. One of the game-changing events of the show was the cancer diagnosis of Ami Brown. The situation compelled the family to move to civilization for proper medical access. The move left the house empty, and it is currently on sale. Its price stands at $795000, which is worth it focusing on it’s features. It is a good purchase as either an investment or home and you will also benefit from an extensive tract of land on which the house stands on.

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